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Pain is one of the top reasons that people use CBD oil. This is why CBD has seen a huge surge in popularity in the last few years, mainly due to its ache-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects on the human body. Users of CBD often report that these products have become an invaluable addition to their pain management routine.

With so much emphasis on reducing the use of dangerous pain prescription medications like opioids in the United States today, it makes sense that a CBD product can rise in popularity so fast. Additionally, pain is one of the most frequently reported health issues of modern society, and it affects all populations ranging from teenagers to elders.

Those afflicted with chronic pain face the choice of seeking alternative therapies such as physical therapy, acupuncture, over-the-counter dietary supplements like MCT or olive oil, Eastern medicine, or they can explore the pharmaceutical route. Most of these options do not end up being adequate solutions. Alternatively, CBD offers a different, more natural solution to a rampant problem, without the psychoactive effects that traditional medical marijuana usage can cause.

CBD for pain: What is CBD?

CBD, derived from hemp or cannabis plants, contains minimal tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and does not cause significant mind-altering effects. Instead, CBD products offer an anti-inflammation impact that soothes and eases pain directly at the source, whether that is a joint, bone, muscle, or other body parts. As a result, CBD is the perfect product for pain management without having the sensation of being high. For many people who have persistent pain, this is the ideal solution for everyday relief of their medical condition.

The benefits of CBD oil are immense and there are very minor adverse side effects (dry mouth), making it extremely safe to use. CBD products retain federal approval for treating a rare seizure disorder due to its ability to stop seizures from occurring. In studies, CBD has proven to have healing properties, likely related to its ability to prevent inflammation from happening and relax the muscles. CBD can relax muscles to the point of significant calm and even serve as a pain reliever for muscle-related pain and spasm.

Best CBD oils for pain in 2020

Best overall — Joy Organics

If you’re in the market for quality above all, Joy Organics is the way to go. Their mission is to create and provide the highest quality CBD products through innovation and excellence. Additionally, their customer service is impressive as a family-founded business that comes from humble beginnings and is transparent about all of their operations. The founder of this company created CBD products due to their own battle with chronic pain and trouble sleeping. After finding the right formula to help, they decided to share that with the world. In terms of trustworthy CBD companies, Joy Organics is one of the highest.

The CBD products at Joy organics are marked as pharmaceutical grade, meaning that the company adheres to strict pharmaceutical regulations and quality control measures. The company proudly communicates its multi-step process for ensuring that every CBD product is of the highest quality.

Joy Organics truly has nothing to hide in terms of their diligent production methods and quality control measures. It is reassuring to see that this company provides a thorough and transparent display of their exact methodology.

Joy Organics makes a variety of products to match every customer’s needs, including their popular organic tincture, which is available in multiple different flavors. Additionally, you can purchase CBD oil in a variety of natural flavors and soft gel capsules or gummies, which are easy to use. Joy Organics even sells calming ointments in a variety of soothing flavors for application to your body and joints. Lastly, this company provides CBD products fit for the entire family, as they have dog treats with 2mg of CBD available for purchase.

The CBD gummies are available in two flavors (Strawberry Lemonade and Green Apple) and are available at doses of 10mg per pack of 30 gummies. Most impressive about this product are the ingredients, including organic cane sugar and tapioca syrup, making them both gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

The CBD soft gel capsules are ideal for those who would prefer not using oil-based or inhaled products. The incredibly small molecular size of the extracted cannabidiol liquid in these capsules makes it easier for the body’s endocannabinoid system to process, absorb, and activate the CBD. These capsules even come in a melatonin variety designed to help you get a good night’s sleep.

A unique product that Joy Organics offers is a CBD energy drink. It combines a subtle caffeine dose and CBD to offer a calm focus blend with some pain relief. The caffeine content is comparable to a small coffee or tea and is an excellent alternative to the sugary and high caffeine content products on the market. This product might be useful as an adjunctive option to some of the other CBD products used daily.

Another specialty item that Joy Organics offers is bath bombs. These products help you achieve ultimate relaxation while taking a bath. These bath bombs are especially useful for those who have joint pain, as a hot bath and CBD are both excellent options to soothe these pains. This combination is a sure-fire way to help anyone find a relaxing state of mind to tackle pain from multiple angles.

Overall, Joy Organics has an impressive and well-rounded operation. They provide excellent safety profiles and have a transparent well-executed production process.


  • Good variety
  • Extremely transparent
  • High-quality guarantee
  • Third-party labs testing
  • Trustworthy


  • Slightly more expensive

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Best tasting — Sunday Scaries

If you’re in the market for best taste above all, Sunday Scaries is the way to go. Their mission is to help people with various health concerns find relief and enjoy their day more efficiently. This company is excellent because it does not outsource ingredients internationally, but instead produces and processes all of their plants right on their farms in Colorado.

The CBD products offered by Sunday Scaries are attractive-looking and taste good, meaning that their company highly values each customer’s experience using their product. They have a large variety of products to select from, allowing the company to cater to a broad audience’s needs.

Sunday Scaries is a company that you should consider if there are various everyday situations in which you might use a CBD product. With such a wide selection, this company is a reliable source of variety and boasts quality products.

Some of their highlighted products worth mentioning include:

  • CBD Tincture
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Energy Drink
  • CBD Candy
  • CBD Bath Bombs

The CBD Tincture offered by Sunday Scaries should be considered unique in the CBD market. Not only is the tincture of the highest quality, but it also comes infused with power packing vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin B12. This tincture provides the perfect blend of ingredients full of health benefits, addressing critical components of wellness such as mental health and immune system support. It even contains a serving of healthy fats in the form of coconut oil. Added taste exists in the form of the natural sweetening ingredient stevia. Overall, the CBD Tincture offered by Sunday Scaries is a unique and healthy option that is certainly worth trying.

The CBD Gummies offered by Sunday Scaries comes in two varieties, regular and vegan. The essential components are similar between these two products, although one removes all traces of animal-based ingredients. The added vegan option is certainly a nice benefit of shopping with Sunday Scaries.

The CBD Energy Drink offered by Sunday Scaries is perfect for active CBD enthusiasts who might need a boost after work to get a solid workout in, or even for those in school and need a calm focus to get them through some extra work. The energy shot contains a dose of CBD, several vitamins, ginseng, and organic coffee beans. This energy drink is exceptional and offers excellent value to those looking for pain relief and focus.

The CBD Candy offered by Sunday Scaries is both delicious and comes with a boost of CBD to boot. These candies are a chewy gummy-like product, which could be a sweet addition to some of their other CBD products.

The CBD Bath Bombs offered by Sunday Scaries have about 50mg of CBD, allowing for substantial pain control when using them. They come in pleasant-smelling flavors such as lemon, orange, and lavender.

Overall, Sunday Scaries is one of the best companies out there selling CBD products. With a fun, versatile variety of options and doses. Since they have locally sourced production and manufacturing, their quality and purity are trustworthy. A great company with quality CBD products. Essential features of their products include:


  • Discounts on bulk orders
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Referral program
  • Many strains offered in bulk
  • Cheaper than other retailers


  • Less variety than other retailers

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Strongest dose — Nanocraft CBD

NanoCraft CBD was founded by two close friends who had the goal of creating a healthy and different CBD product using innovative technology. This company focuses on building its CBD products as a real addition to its customers’ health and wellness.

They offer a variety of standard CBD products as well as several specialty products infused with organic CBD. A unique aspect of NanoCraft CBD is its innovative nanotechnology that improves its CBD’s production value. By using their innovative methods, their products have high purity, allowing them to retain CBD’s healing components while avoiding unwanted ingredients, which lead to subpar experiences.

NanoCraft CBD companies provide full transparency of their production and manufacturing practices, formulations and ingredients, and extraction methods. They openly state that their hemp plants are grown in Colorado using organic practices that ensure the highest quality product.

NanoCraft CBD tests each product in their certified lab, but they also have a third-party testing company to verify the quality in an unbiased manner. Through all of their rigorous testing, you can trust that NanoCraft CBD is committed to providing the highest quality pure CBD products. These products additionally are available in a wide variety of appealing flavors, including cacao mint, lavender, ginger citrus, and cool mint.

Overall, NanoCraft CBD provides a quality product that adapts to your specific needs. Whether that includes general pain, help falling asleep, relief from particular pain, or other applications, the products offered by NanoCraft CBD likely provide a high-quality solution to your ailments. The incredibly appealing flavors in which their products are available make them that much more enjoyable to use. NanoCraft CBD even advertises their products for use at different times of the day, making it easier for you to select the product that best matches your individual CBD use needs. This company overall is extraordinarily well-respected and transparent with their production, manufacturing, and sourcing practices. NanoCraft CBD offers a trustworthy solution for your CBD needs, helping you address any mental or physical concerns that may arise.


  • High-quality products
  • Transparent website
  • Lab testing includes additional third-party tester
  • Innovative technology used in production
  • Fast and easy shipping
  • Many of their products have reasonable prices


  • Bulk orders may be slightly more expensive from this retailer

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What types of CBD products exist?

CBD products today come in a variety of options, which can make the experience of choosing and trying a product fun. Today’s CBD market has evolved rapidly and offers dropper oils, edibles, juices, tinctures, lotions, electronic vape oils, and traditional smoking options. These products are offered at a variety of doses to address your specific pain needs. There are options for systemic treatment of pain, or pain for the whole body, as well as local or topical solutions to address locations of arthritis pain.

How does CBD work?

CBD can provide relief through its effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system. It alters specific cannabinoid receptors as well as serotonin receptors, which then mediate the soothing impacts that we see. CBD acts on cannabinoid receptors in the immune cells in our bodies, which is why it can reduce inflammation in many parts of the body.

When deciding to purchase CBD, it is best to ensure that you are purchasing a quality product. Considering that the CBD market is not regulated for the contents of products, looking for signs of high-quality production and manufacturing is essential. Whether you are buying CBD in retail stores or online, taking the necessary precautions to screen for inferior quality products will ensure that you have a positive experience with CBD.

It is best practice to buy from retailers that are transparent about where their CBD production occurs. Ideally, the source of CBD products will come from organic hemp plants grown locally in your country of residence. Additionally, looking at the extraction methods of the plants can be useful. When the CBD molecules extract from the hemp plant, there are several ways to accomplish the end goal. Some methods of extraction use harsh chemicals that are not ideal for consumption. Extraction methods which are generally trustworthy include techniques such as extraction via carbon dioxide. Lastly, you want to ensure that the retailer you are purchasing from is transparent about its products’ lab testing. Post-extraction testing of CBD products for purity, quality, and potency is a must when it comes to standard practices for CBD production companies.


Clinical trials have shown CBD is not a miracle drug and does not cure all types of pain. While it certainly helps to ease certain types of pain, it is not a magic substance that will eliminate all pain at all moments. The most significant advantage of CBD is that there are minimal side effects, so it is generally safe to apply and take CBD.

If you have a clinical diagnosis of chronic pain, it is always best practice to consult your medical professional about the use of CBD. Human and animal studies have shown it to be relatively safe for those who have milder, more manageable forms of pain. People with disorders with complex types of pain that are difficult to treat may need multiple forms of therapy and should discuss their treatment plan with their medical provider in detail.

CBD is a type of phytocannabinoids that offer a natural solution to a wide variety of pain conditions. With many different formulas and flavonoids available, there are full spectrum CBD oil terpenes (which produce the entourage effect) or broad spectrum oils that match every person’s personal preferences. For people who suffer from nervous system disorders, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or back pain and want to focus on their work instead of being constantly distracted, it can be incredibly difficult to strike the right balance focus when using mind-altering pain medications. Topical and oral CBD options are both beneficial for pain and widely available for retail purchase.

Given the recent legislative changes to state laws by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that loosen restrictions on non-GMO hemp oil, CBD extracts are more accessible than ever. When seeking out cannabis products, it is vital to verify the quality of the carrier oil sold by each retailer. By reviewing some of the trustworthy providers’ hallmarks and referring to our list of top CBD retailers, your next hemp extract experience will be a positive one.

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