A rapid transition toward new and disruptive financial technology is well underway and under heavy influence by two major forces: sweeping technological advances as exemplified by wearables and machine learning, and significant generational shifts driven by millenials and now Gen Z.

Technological innovation and, in particular, consumer-related ones like those advancements in mobile and wearable technology, have driven customer expectations for every sector sky-high including fintech. This could pose a significant threat for the unprepared.

In recent years, digital biases of millennials have also radically shifted expectations in the fintech sector. They want financial tools that eliminate friction and allow them to track their money on mobile devices as easily as they can now track each step they take. But that may look tame compared to meeting the growing needs of Gen Z.

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Certainly, the competitive edge for both fintech startups and financial institutions will be in the art and science of technology — characterized by strong ‘user adaptability’ and ‘intuitiveness.’ Built-in interfaces need to recognize user preferences and behave accordingly. And they need to go beyond just eye-catching charts and graphs and instead provide predictive user insights based on past user behavior.

And to get there, collaboration cannot be underestimated. While digital giants and fintech startups are often depicted as poised to gobble up bank customers, and financial institutions have been commonly considered to be blind and slow, both are finally seeing the mutual benefit of working together.

Join us for an inside look at what it will take to capitalize on this collaboration opportunity.

What you’ll learn:

  • What’s driving change in fintech
  • How to prepare for the coming wave of new technology
  • How to prepare for Generation Z
  • Why collaboration is the path forward to create killer fintech applications 


Josh Gordon-Blake, SVP of Global Partnerships at Pangea

Dr. Richard M. Smith, Founder and CEO of TradeStops

Elizabeth Gunderson, Senior Manager of Customer Success at Yodlee Interactive