While business travel took a major hit in 2020 and 2021, there are signs suggesting that people are starting to travel for work again. With restrictions to and from many countries beginning to lift, travel and gathering are poised for a comeback. British Airways is even launching a new daily flight between NYC and London this summer in anticipation of increased corporate travel across the pond.

Following two years of working virtually and meeting through webcams, getting back to in-person meetings demands a new approach. For many executives and founders, business travel was once a monthly or weekly chore. Now execs are using the select trips they do take more intentionally — to recharge, reconnect, and deepen relationships with partners and customers. Try these strategies for business trips that pay off both personally and professionally, including tips for renting a car stress-free, thanks to Enterprise

Refresh and grow your local network

The importance of one’s network in business cannot be overstated, and in the last two years it’s safe to say that we haven’t connected with as many people as usual. A couple of weeks before your scheduled trip, take the opportunity to put the word out with contacts in your destination city that you’re coming to town and want to meet up. Whether deepening your relationship with established contacts or building new bridges, networking is something we’ve all missed out on in recent years. Odds are good your initiative will be appreciated.  

London-based CEO Mihkel Jäätma travels to conferences around the world on behalf of his vision A.I. company, Realeyes. Jäätma finds some of his deepest connections are made after the conference ends.

“It often pays to stick around for a few days after the conference is over,” explains Jäätma. “I’ve noted the most adventurous attendees tend to do that to get to know the place better. You can end up with the most curious and open minds when their ‘business guard’ is down and they’re being the great people they really are. These shared outings are something you’ll never regret.”

Get easy, convenient access to a vehicle with Enterprise

Getting out into the field doesn’t need to mean flying across the country. Sometimes renting a car down the street from the office (or your home) and hitting the road to see clients or colleagues beyond your immediate area can be a business boon. With Enterprise’s neighborhood locations, car rental has never been more convenient, helping you take to the road with a sense of calm and control.  

For convenient and flexible car rentals, Enterprise offers easy booking, whether online or via their intuitive app, which enables you to easily manage your reservation with a few swipes. You can rent a car on the go and easily manage your reservation. Best of all, Enterprise has over 7,000 locations across more than 90 countries and territories, including a vast network of neighborhood and airport outlets. All are staffed by a team providing award-winning customer-service, making it easy to pick up a vehicle wherever your business takes you. 

Stay fresh: Spread your meetings out

Since hitting the road means a lot more these days, add some extra time to your itinerary. It’s always tempting to get in and out of a business trip as fast as possible, but buffering your meetings with a couple hours of down time in between them can help you present better to customers. Think of that much-needed rest and relaxation as an investment in the opportunity at hand, especially if you use that down time to get out on the open road in your rental car and reboot by taking in the local sights and sounds.

Get to know the city to connect with partners and customers

Experiencing the culture, food, and atmosphere of the city you’re visiting for business isn’t just personally rewarding — it can help forge deeper relationships with the people you’re there to meet. If your meeting is at the very beginning of your visit, close on a personal note and ask for a few recommendations of places to check out; then, drive around and actually experience them. Getting a true feel for a place shows potential customers that you’re invested in the relationship and can help you better understand their perspective on both business and life.

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