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The streaming content market is booming: it already accounts for two-thirds of internet traffic. Meanwhile, esports has officially become the streaming content breakout star. Viewers are increasingly gathering to watch online gamers compete in a variety of game styles via video-streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube. — and in the U.S., the median age of viewers is 28 years old, with 60 percent in the 25-to-39-year-old age range. And 58 percent of those 25-year-old-and-older fans have kids at home.

Streaming media watchers are also likely to be college educated: about 50 percent of fans in the U.S., and about 70 percent of viewers in China. In both countries, esports viewers tend to have higher-than-average household income, too.

The overall streaming video game craze has made China the third largest streaming market globally, right after the U.S. and South Korea, and the market is expected to grow to $182 million by 2021. And that market is a paying one: it’s estimated that over 170 million people shell out for their streaming content. In the U.S., 69 percent of viewers have spent cold hard cash on esports-related goods and that number leaps up to 84 percent in China.

This is a huge business opportunity not just for esports companies that get it right. Tech giants like Amazon and Google have noted the growing interest in streaming content and actively compete to lure streamers to their digital video platforms, Twitch and YouTube, while last year, Chinese company Riot Games arranged a $300 million streaming rights deal with Walt Disney’s BAMTech.

Media rights deals have also caught the eye of large corporate sponsors, with companies like T-Mobile, Coca-Cola, and Mercedes-Benz getting on board the streaming craze.

And technology is evolving to allow (and accelerate) a growing number of in-game purchases, as engaged fans enthusiastically pay to stay tuned in and in the know.

The tech and marketing strategies of Asia-Pacific-based esports companies are the key to cashing in on any streaming content, in a market where demand is increasing as the number of streaming services for every type of media grow. How do you compel customers to get interested, stay engaged, and actually pay to view content at scale? Join this VB Live event to learn more about the highly attentive global audience that’s waiting for you, and how to leverage the right technology to realize real ROI in your streaming content monetization strategies.

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  • Confronting the problems around scale in markets like China and elsewhere


  • Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat
  • Johannes Waldstein, CEO, FanAI Inc.
  • Carter Rogers, Senior Analyst, SuperData Research
  • Roc Harry, Relationship Director, Worldpay

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