VentureBeat’s DataBeat conference is coming up on May 19-20, and we’re excited to announce a very cool session with Sean Gourley of Quid and Dan Buczaczer of VivaKi.

Note: The room is filling up quickly, and ticket prices shoot up soon. Register now and save $200. Seats are limited.

Session Speakers

Sean GourleySean Gourley, CTO, Quid

Dan BuczaczerDan Buczaczer, EVP, Creative Partnerships, VivaKi

Here’s a bit more about the session:

Data and artistry have often been pitted against each other as bitter rivals in creative-driven industries like entertainment and advertising. We have reached a point in the evolution of data, however, where science can actively enhance the creative process.

When big data and AI are combined with the right forms of interactive visualization, they can drive unique forms of thinking — creating intuitive connections, bringing forward hunches, and changing the way humans see the world. This discussion will tackle the challenges and opportunities in combining humans and algorithms in the pursuit of augmented creativity.

Stay tuned for more session announcements this week, and you can find event details — including our full lineup of data visionaries — here.

Join us May 19-20 for a two-day roadmap on how to approach data to ignite real growth for your business. Again, the room is nearly full. Get your tickets today and save $200!