Join us for an upcoming webinar on August 7 at 10 am Pacific where we’ll be diving deep on mobile app security with top execs from Dell, Expedia, the US Air Force, and Forrester.

In the next three years, 75 percent of mobile security breaches will be the result of mobile application misconfiguration, according to Gartner.

You can’t escape mobile apps: Your workforce is already carrying the latest smartphones and tablets, and so are your customers. Sure, strict BYOD policies and app management may fit basic requirements, but smart IT pros know that those aren’t enough.

In this free webinar, experts will discuss the latest malware and app reverse engineering threats to mobile app security. We’ll cover tips and best practices from rock solid mobile app use cases and arm you with the latest strategy to keep your organization’s mobile app rock solid – while preventing one of those punitive lock downs that would hamper the user experience.

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  • Sky Sharma, CIO/CKO, Information Systems and Technology Branch, US Air Force
  • John Millican, former CISO, Expedia and Hotwire
  • Tyler Shields, senior analyst, Forrester Research
  • Sean Wisdom, Director, Global Mobility Solutions Marketing, Dell

After this one-hour webinar, you’ll:

  • Understand the current threat landscape, including mobile malware and app reverse engineering,
  • Know how to retrain your security teams to securely develop mobile apps,
  • Be able to target your mobile security strategy to protect not just the apps and the data but also the device, and
  • Possess an arsenal of ways to add security at the app level and provide mobile access to business apps safely.

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