The final battles

Above: Khan Maykr is the second most-annoying boss in Doom Eternal.

Image Credit: Bethesda

The ending is long and drawn-out.

The Super Shotgun stops the Khan Makyr. You can use heavy weapons to take down the defenses of the Khan Makyr.

And, as is fitting, you have to deal with very difficult bosses. Each one is hard. The Khan Makyr is protected by Makyr drones, which you have to take out by sniping their heads. They drop on a lot of ammo and health, which keeps you alive in that boss fight, but it is very distracting. When you are sniping the drones, you obviously aren’t watching the deadly Khan Makyr, which rains down area effect flames on you. She also shoots lasers from the sky, and makes areas of the ground glow red (and that’s deadly to you).

Once you temporarily take out the Khan Maykr’s shield, she is vulnerable. You have to switch to your Super Shotgun, get close to her, and then use the meat hook (L2 trigger) to pull you up to her. Then you have to hit her with a Blood Punch. Be careful not to miss. Then she will take some damage. Sounds simple enough. But you have to do this around seven or eight times before she falls.


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It gets hard to find cool spots where you can stand, so use the jump pads and your Double Dash ability to keep on the move. Stand behind cover when you can, and alternate your time between the Khan Makyr and the Maykr drones.

You have to run the marathon with The Icon of Sin. In the run-up to the final battle, you have to survive through an enormous number of enemies, battling to the top of a building, so you can finally take on the last enemy, the Icon of Sin. It may feel good to start the chapter, dubbed Final Sin, but you have to mow down a lot of enemies, including Marauders, to get to the real end.

The final demon is a huge monster, dubbed The Icon of Sin. and it can spawn a bunch of demons that will keep you busy. You have to take out its armor first and then take it down. It is easy to get distracted because the Icon of Sin spawns so many demons from earlier in the game. At the end, don’t be surprised to see 10 Cacodemons and a half-dozen Pinky Demons chasing you, as you try to get a few shots off at the Icon of Sin.

Fortunately, you have a lot of Crucible (one-shot kill swords) items that respawn, as well as BFG ammo. Save the BFG ammo for the Icon of Sin. But be careful with the aim, as I often missed with the BFG as the Icon of Sin keeps moving. That was most embarrassing. You should use the Crucible liberally on the big enemies, such as the Revenant, Arachnotron, Hell Knight, the Dread Knight, the Mancubus, the Cyber Mancubus, and the Pinky. It’s quite satisfying to slice them in half with one stroke that doesn’t cost a lot of time.

If you run around enough and eventually take enough pot shots at The Icon of Sin, you’ll finally bring it down. But it’s a long battle.

After you are done

Dean Takahashi's lucky shot in Doom Eternal.

Above: Dean Takahashi’s lucky shot in Doom Eternal.

Image Credit: Bethesda

Doom Eternal is infinitely replayable, as you can keep on trying higher difficulty levels to get through a lot of the same content.

Stop and read the Codex. You’ll miss out on a lot of the story if you don’t read the Codex. You’ll pick up these story bits along the way (as flaming pages). I read most of them, and it tells you the rich backstory behind the game. The designers (probably wisely) didn’t include any of this in cutscenes, but I would have liked to see more of it told that way. Instead, you have to read. It’s worth going back to after you’re done.

Leave the Slayer Gates to the end. These are optional in the campaign. If you go into the Slayer Gate arenas early, you’ll lose and waste your time. After you’re done with the game, you are stronger, and you can go back to play the Slayer Gate levels.

Improve your score. After each level, you get a summary of how you did, how many secrets you found, and a general reward for your performance. If you want, you can go back and play it again.

Live for lucky moments. The best way to enjoy Doom Eternal is to live for those lucky shots, like this one above.

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