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As much as Bitcoin and other coins have been extensively covered in the news, people are still confused about cryptocurrencies. One solution for this problem could be simple hands-on experience with cryptocurrencies which will ease people into crypto. More specifically, people need to get their hands on cryptos and start playing with them. Since people are afraid of putting their money into crypto, how about distributing crypto to people?

Coinseed is doing exactly this. They are embedding the distribution of crypto into a commercial activity that more than 220 million Americans participate in every year: online shopping! 70 percent of the U.S. population engages in ecommerce, with this group on track to spend almost $500 billion online this year. Coinseed’s new feature, Crypto Back, lets people to get their cashbacks from online shopping in crypto. This way, people can “earn” crypto rather than buying them and this will allow users to ease into crypto and start learning about them.

Coinseed app is currently offering cashbacks on popular brands such as Uber, Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Microsoft, Panasonic, and many more. You can simply use the Coinseed app to make purchases and you’ll receive your cashbacks in crypto. Currently you can receive your rewards in any or a combination of 13 major coins that are on the platform. The cashback amount ranges from 1- 8 percent of the purchase amount. This rate is also getting better over time.

On top of the educational aspect, getting your cashbacks in crypto would also allow you to benefit from crypto price increases. If you think the price will go up, you can keep your cashbacks in crypto on the Coinseed app. If you think otherwise, you can also simply withdraw your rewards in U.S. dollars. Either way, this is a fun and easy way to earn crypto and start playing with this new innovation.

Coinseed is also doing a crowdfunding campaign and you can participate here.

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