Computer vision is working better than it once did, and EyeSight Technologies is one of the companies taking advantage of that.

The company is revealing new hand and finger gestures for the second generation of its Singlecue gesture-recognition technology. With Singlecue Gen 2 and a wave of a hand, a pinch of a finger, or a palm push, you can control various items in your house, including TVs, thermostats, sound systems, lighting, and media streamers. The company unveiled the technology at the CES 2017, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas this week.

Singlecue Gen 2’s new gestures can be performed at any time to control central functions of the devices, regardless of the menu and screen someone is currently using. Each of the new gestures involves natural, simple movements of the finger or hand to activate different functions.



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You can control your TV with a finger with EyeSight Technologies.

Above: You can control your TV with a finger with EyeSight Technologies.

Image Credit: EyeSight Technologies

“Adding these new global gestures to Singlecue Gen 2 enhances the user experience by bringing immediate and direct interaction between the user and their home devices,” said Gideon Shmuel, CEO of EyeSight Technologies, in a statement. “As we continue to generate more advancements to our product, it is our hope that gesture control becomes the standard for interacting in the home and is essential to each individual lifestyle.”

Now you can power devices on or off with a swift wave of your hand. You can play and pause a channel or video by opening and closing your palm. And you can control volume with the pinch of a finger moving left to right.

At CES, EyeSight Technologies will be demoing an automotive solution, which was created to enhance the driving experience. You can use simple gestures to reduce cognitive load; the technology uses face and eye tracking to detect a driver’s attentiveness and adjusts the in-car environment to the detected driver’s preferences and needs.

EyeSight Technologies will also be featuring its virtual reality solution. The computer vision technology revolutionizes the interaction with virtual content by giving VR headsets and AR (augmented reality) glasses touch-free control that is natural and intuitive. By simply lifting a finger or hand and moving it in the air, users can interact with virtual scenes without any gloves, hardware controllers, or button-pressing.

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