Career website Glassdoor today released its eighth annual Employees’ Choice Awards, a list of the 50 best companies to work for in the coming year. Airbnb was picked as the number one tech company to work for in 2016, displacing Google.

Airbnb didn’t even make the list last year. Google, meanwhile, placed sixth in 2013 and 2014, and first in 2015. As with Google last year, it’s worth noting that Airbnb hasn’t just taken the top tech company spot: It is the top company overall.

Before Google, Twitter was king, according to Glassdoor. And before that, Facebook held the top tech company crown for three years straight (2011, 2012, and 2013). This year, Facebook, Google, and Twitter all made the list.

In fact, there were 21 tech companies in the top 50 this year. That’s up from 14 tech companies last year.

Here are the tech companies on this year’s U.S. list (ratings are based on a five-point scale, from 1.0 as very dissatisfied to 5.0 as very satisfied):

  • Airbnb (#1, 4.6 rating)
  • Guidewire (#3, 4.5 rating)
  • Hubspot (#4, 4.4 rating)
  • Facebook (#5, 4.4 rating)
  • LinkedIn (#6, 4.4 rating)
  • Google (#8, 4.3 rating)
  • Zillow (#10, 4.3 rating)
  • World Wide Technology (#12, 4.3 rating)
  • Mindbody (#14, 4.2 rating)
  • Expedia (#16, 4.1 rating)
  • Riot Games (#18, 4.1 rating)
  • Adobe (#19, 4.1 rating)
  • Apple (#25, 4.0 rating)
  • Twitter (#26, 4.0 rating)
  • Paycom (#28, 4.0 rating)
  • Akamai (#31, 4.0 rating)
  • Salesforce (#32, 4.0 rating)
  • F5 Networks (#33, 4.0 rating)
  • Workday (#35, 4.0 rating)
  • Red Hat (#37, 4.0 rating)
  • Concur (#49, 3.9 rating)

Tech companies are always prominently displayed on such lists. After all, jobs in the tech industry are compensated well.

Facebook and Google in the top 10 is never a shock. For some reason, Apple doesn’t do as well in these lists as we would think (it’s down to #25 from #22 last year). Once again, Microsoft didn’t make the list (it didn’t last year or the year before that, either).

The Employees’ Choice Awards is based on the input of employees who choose to provide feedback on their job, work environment, and company via an anonymous online company review survey. Glassdoor then uses a “proprietary algorithm” to determine an overall ranking “based on the quantity, quality, and consistency of reviews.”

In other words, these results are based on what employees anonymously tell Glassdoor about their employer. These include the best reasons to work for a given company, the downsides, how satisfied they are with their company overall, how they feel their CEO is leading the company, as well as key workplace attributes like career opportunities, compensation, benefits, culture, values, senior management, and work-life balance.

Airbnb employees are clearly happy with the company, as of late. If your employer raised $1.5 billion in new funding, chances are you would be too.

You can check out the full Glassdoor list here.