Businesses know more about their customers than ever before.

But in order to build a 360-degree view of these customers and transcend data “silos,” marketers need to build a holistic approach that’s focused on the customer, not the data — or the business units that control it.

The science of data-driven marketing starts with the art of identifying the right metric, those that will give you a complete view of customer engagement, retention, and lifetime value.

One case study that proves the point: The partnership between personalized marketing technology provider Sailthru and ecommerce portfolio company Acumen Brands.

After Acumen started using Sailthru to help deliver personalized emails, purchase conversion has also increased by 20 percent. And active users and engagement experienced a lift across the board — thanks to Acumen’s omni-channel personalization strategy.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce execs from both of these companies will be speaking at GrowthBeat, VentureBeat’s upcoming marketing-technology event.

Session Speakers:

Cassie Lancellotti-Youngi

Cassie Lancellotti-Young, VP of Optimization and Analytics, Sailthru

Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts, VP of Marketing Operations, Acumen Brands

NOTE: GrowthBeat is less than a week out and tickets are nearly gone. Get the full scoop here, and grab your tickets before they’re sold out!

Sailthru VP of Optimization & Analytics Cassie Lancellotti-Young and Acumen Brands VP of Marketing Ben Roberts will discuss which metrics and best practices matter for 360-degree customer analytics and personalization.

They’ll explain how Acumen got terrific results via Sailthru’s behavioral approach to email, with 50 percent of Acumen’s revenue being driven by Sailthru emails, with peaks at 66 percent.

With Acumen’s real-world example of optimizing customer relationships, attendees will leave with a better understanding of situational analytics and the balance between short-term conversions and long-term business value.

This is just one of many great sessions scheduled for GrowthBeat, where we’re exploring the data, apps, and science of successful marketing.

We’ve also got leading marketing/growth execs from 7-Eleven, Adobe, Airbnb, ClearSlide, Eventbrite, Facebook, HootSuite, Jiffy Lube, LinkedIn, Oracle, Salesforce, Walmart, Zappos, and a host of the hottest marketing-tech players.

They’ll be unveiling strategies for decluttering the landscape, simplifying functions, and clarifying goals.

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