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Films like Ex Machina and dozens before it have embedded the idea of humanoid robots overtaking us mere humans, but that reality is still some ways off (hopefully).

What’s very much part of the present are robotics that will integrate with business and home in ways that have been dreamed about for years — from UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles — or drones), service robots, and even robotics for education.

Of course, for some time we’ve been living with large, industrial robots used by assembly lines to do the same thing repeatedly. But those are being expanded to include collaborative robots that will work with employees rather than replace them.

In our homes, robotics will be brought into the design of everyday objects integrating light, sound, and motion.

With new technologies, smartphones will become even smarter, making their own decisions based on information from sound and motion. Flying selfie cameras may seem only another step in the over-documented self, but the applications for society are significant — from gathering vital information in areas from agriculture to engineering.

In this inspiring webinar, our panelists will share some of the most exciting developments in robotics right now, and show how they’ll impact the way we do business, live our lives, and operate as a society.

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What you’ll learn:

  • The key consumer and commercial applications of robots and drones
  • The role robots will play in societies and economies
  • How smartphone technologies will pave the way to robotics’ future
  • How cognitive technologies will transform our lives and business
  • The foundation of many IoT applications in shaping the way to robotics


Jim McGregor, Principal Analyst, Tirias Research
Andra Keay, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics
Anthony Lewis, Senior Director of Technology, Qualcomm
Maged Zaki, Director of Technical Marketing, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

This webinar is sponsored by Qualcomm.