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Music legends can often get left behind in the winds of time, not just specific songs and artists, but entire genres. Now, the metaverse offers new opportunities for artists to share their world with a global audience, just how the invention of the internet did 30 years ago. The Daisies team had a vision to preserve the legacy of rock forever, ushering in a massive revolution in music industry.

Now, exclusively on VentureBeat, we are thrilled to announce the launch of The Meta Daisies, along with their jaw-dropping new single Radiance. We have the first look at this ground-breaking metaverse rock band, along with a killer meta-cinematic to accompany it.

The Meta Daisies are the digital offspring of rock legends, The Dead Daisies. Hosting some of the most iconic figures in rock history, The Dead Daisies are made up of former members of Deep Purple, Dio, Whitesnake and Foreigner. Always ahead of the curve, The Dead Daisies are innovators, on the hunt for cutting edge ways to engage with their fans. The Meta Daisies are their newest creation, one that will stand the test of time and ignite rock music for a new generation.

The driving forces behind this project are David Lowy, the Daisies guitarist and renowned Australian financial magnate, along with David Edwards, the creative brains behind Spitfire Music Pty Ltd. They and their team recognised the power of connecting with fans of the past, present and future, and the ability the various metaverse platforms provide to bring new music to rock fans – and see the metaverse as the answer.

They’ve partnered with leading NFT, web 3.0 and metaverse experts to bring The Meta Daisies to life. Altergaze (HoverGrease) and Dimoso (Harry Potter, Roblox, Marvel, Angry Birds) drove the creation of the new band, working in partnership with expert consultants Thomas Lee (Madison Beers avatar, Final Fantasy IX) and Kelly Vero (Tomb Raider, Transformers).

The Meta Daisies are propelling rock forward into a future unexplored by the bands of the past. Imagine your favourite rock stars from eras past being reborn, bringing that epic music and energy to a new generation, now and forever — this is The Meta Daisies. A new creation, unafraid to push boundaries in the world of music and web 3.0. The Meta Daisies combine the soaring vocals of Healer, enormous riffs from lead guitarist Viper, roaring rhythm guitar from Aviator, and the stomping drums of Beatz.

The meta-cinematic gives the first look at Daisyland, the metaverse home of The Meta Daisies. Sound-tracked to the band’s rocking new single Radiance, the meta-cinematic introduces Daisy, the guardian of The Meta Daisies.

In a deserted city, a mesmerizing bright light catches her eye, and she time-travels to a dark forest discovering a castle with a secret tunnel to an underground vault.  Fascinated by a small red music box, she opens it and unleashes a glowing sphere which she follows into the underworld.  Holding court, Daisy watches over The Meta Daisies performing great rock music and touches an angel which causes an epic explosion, propelling her back up to the cityscape where she joins the energy sphere and ascends to the next meta dimension.

Radiance is just the beginning for The Meta Daisies. Their goal is to travel the new, previously unchartered lands of the metaverse to show the universe that rock is alive and well. Fans can experience Daisyland for themselves by visiting Avakin Life, and partying in Daisy’s underworld nightclub.

The popular metaverse platform used by millions from all over the world will host a listening party from June 9th till June 16th where fans can party together and rock out to The Meta Daisies, and maybe even meet Daisy herself.

The primary focus of The Meta Daisies is to continue in The Dead Daisies’ footsteps, bringing their legacy to new audiences as well as creating brand new experiences for fans. The Meta Daisies marks an important and exciting time in music history, venturing into worlds not seen or even fully understood by some. With a dedication to fan involvement and seeing an opportunity to use new technology to increase this — live performances, exclusive music, exclusive merchandise — it’s all possible with The Meta Daisies.

Keep tuned to VentureBeat for more on The Meta Daisies, because this is just the beginning.

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