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Tax compliance isn’t sexy but reducing your start-up’s cash burn and extending its operational runway is. One of the most over-looked ways to accomplish exactly that is by getting better control of your tax expenditures.

Unless you are in a niche financial services segment, your start-up probably doesn’t have a tax expert on-board. Odds are, you don’t even think much about taxes until Uncle Sam or a particularly persnickety investor forces you to.

Outsourcing can help you cover some of your tax compliance bases, but you still need to stay current on any potential tax impediments to executing on your business plan. And with some 10,000 different tax jurisdictions in the USA alone (each one has their own rules, rates and regulations) and renewed rumblings about an Internet Sales Tax, those start-up execs who prefer their cash runway was allocated to something that actually helps grow their business would be well-served to learn the lay of the tax man’s land.

If the idea of the Internet Sales Tax does come to fruition in the 114th Congress, it’s going to mean significant compliance challenges for your business, along with a number of new expenses that probably aren’t reflected in your current business plan (read as: risks you haven’t planned for). Even if the revised proposal doesn’t pass — and Senator Mitch McConnell R-Ky., among others, doesn’t want it to – organizations of all types that sell on the web will still be required to charge, remit and report on some new or revised form of specialized Internet tax before long.

Net-net, it’s almost a certainty that the tax burden on Internet companies will soon become more cumbersome and complex. When that happens, you want to be ready, because there’s nothing less sexy than watching entrepreneurial glory slip away because you blew your last bit of runway on a tax expense you should have seen coming.

Join us for an interesting hour of real-life rock stars who have solved their nightmares with innovative sales tax compliance tactics and strategies.

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In this webinar, you’ll:

  • See real world scenarios of several organizations who have mastered sales tax compliance and requirements
  • Learn action items to prepare your organization to optimize non-value-add business admin activities and reporting time
  • Get your questions answered regarding sales tax strategies by the industry’s top experts during our live exec roundtable Q&A
  • Hear the latest update on the Congressional “internet sales tax” (Marketplace Fairness Act)


Scott Cohn, Vice President of eCommerce, Chinese Laundry
Lisa Serwin, CFO, VentureBeat
Jordan Goodman, Sales and Local Tax Partner, Horwood Marcus & Berk

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