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Let’s say you’ve navigated early stage growth, the company’s looking bullet-proof inside and out, and your sites are set on going public. Well, you better start thinking like a public company now in terms of tax-planning or risk a mess of trouble when you’re ready to pull the trigger.

The same applies if you’re hoping for a valuable exit. The last thing you need is potential buyers stumbling across something some not disclosed previously, or compliance not adhered to. It may result in a reduced offer, or the acquisition going south altogether.

The complexity of tax issues — particularly on the international stage — is hardly anything a tech CEO wants to think about when their main objective is getting product fit right and building a substantial user-base. But the devil’s in the details. Tax implication issues may affect the corporation, its shareholders, and investors — and during IPO planning, it all takes place in the context of an open market valuation of the stock.

With an exit, the amount of jurisdictions involved and the rules applying to each can makes things far more complex.

It’s why up-front tax planning for your company is so critical: it will identify all options, those that will open up opportunities and those that may take you down a rabbit hole, with a significant impact on after-tax proceeds in the end.

Our five-star panel of Silicon Valley tax experts will help you understand the kinds of important considerations your team needs to be on right now in order to navigate the next phase of growth. There are likely things you haven’t even thought of yet, so this is the perfect opportunity to take a few minutes out of your day and have an open consult — where you can freely ask questions and figure out next steps.

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In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Gain greater visibility to common sales tax loopholes that often snag hot tech startups and entrepreneurs
  • Determine whether sales tax is even an issue for your organization — you might be surprised.
  • Learn ways that international tax in growth stage companies can be the make or break point for that next IPO
  • Get a high level overview of other tax considerations like net operating losses, impact of stock compensation, and the states that are currently taxing cloud computing services.


Malcolm Ellerbe, Tax Partner, Armanino
David Sordello, CPA, Corporate Tax, Armanino
Jon Davis, Tax Partner, International Tax, Armanino

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