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Change is a constant. But has there ever been a time when things have been so constantly changing?

The current frenzy of change impacting the workforce has shown us that traditional ways of working urgently needed a rethink. There’s no longer a one-size-fits-all model when it comes to where and how we work. Employees are demanding flexibility, while at the same time, comfort with business travel is rising and the desire for in-person engagement is increasing.

Even while adapting to more hybrid or predominantly virtual models, companies must stay on top of their return-to-office strategies. Proof of vaccination, contact tracing, and health checks have not only become an essential part of the new reality of doing business, they’ve introduced a significant administrative burden on top of the many other challenges organizations are facing.

These challenges are why we launched Check-In, a PwC product, in April 2020 — one of the first and only end-to-end platforms for return-to-workplace planning. Our goal with Check-In was to give our clients the helping hand they needed to feel confident in the critical workforce decisions they were making to keep their workforce safe amid an unprecedented pandemic.

From the beginning, contract tracing has been an integral part of our organization’s COVID-19 strategy to quickly identify when and where the virus has spread. When we created Check-In, we aimed to give employers the confidence they needed to safeguard employees in the office by quickly identifying and responding to potential health threats. But now companies must do more than track the spread of COVID-19, including implementing processes to understand (and in certain instances, confirm) the vaccination status of their workforce.

PwC is responding by integrating Check-In with CLEAR’s Health Pass proof of vaccine and testing verification technology to help organizations keep compliant with shifting regulations and support healthier work environments. CLEAR’s Health Pass enables companies to safeguard user privacy by providing a seamless way to show proof of vaccination of COVID-19 test results without disclosing or storing sensitive health data.

By bringing these two powerful solutions together into a single offering, organizations now have access to the premiere end-to-end product for both vaccine proof and contract tracing to better manage the return to office process. Check-In with CLEAR’s Health Pass will empower organizations to:

● More clearly understand the full picture of their workforce’s vaccine status, booster shots, and recent COVID-19 test results
● Feel confident about the decisions and changes they are making to company health protocols
● Ensure employees feel safe and comfortable, knowing they have flexible options to return to the office

After a challenging transition to remote work and a few false starts for widespread return of travel and in-office collaboration, Check-In with CLEAR’s Health Pass will help organizations and employees build a new level of trust to adhere to new vaccine recommendations and manage the next phase of return.

Health protocols are continuing to change, and organizations need solutions that can evolve with them to anticipate and meet future safety needs. Which is why, at PwC, we are committed to developing solutions and forging partnerships that help our clients stay one step ahead as the future of work continues to be a moving target.

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Joe Atkinson is Chief Products and Technology Officer at PwC U.S.

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