Our upcoming GrowthBeat event — August 5-6 in San Francisco — is exploring the data, apps, and science of successful marketing.

What we’ve traditionally called marketing, the art of convincing people to consider parting with their hard-earned time, attention, or dollars for the sake of you, your product, or your service, is adding a hell of a lot of science.

There’s science in knowing your prospect or customer, learning what he or she does with or around your offering, understanding how your users interact with your product, and endlessly optimizing what you’re doing, how your product works, what messages engage, and how you can be more relevant to your customers’ needs.

That’s growth. That’s marketing tech. And all that data which is pouring in is significant. In fact, it’s the difference between corporate life and death.

That’s why we’re putting on GrowthBeat. NOTE: Tickets are limited. Grab yours today and save $100!

The number of marketing technology companies tripled in 2012 and tripled again in 2013 — it’s a confusing mess of capability and opportunity.

We’re bringing in some of the best and brightest in modern digital marketing to unclutter the landscape, simplify the functions, clarify the goals, and point the way to success.

Today, we’re excited to announce the next round of speakers, including top marketing execs from Salesforce, HootSuite, Facebook, Jiffy Lube, Walmart, Zappos, Oracle, Interscope, and more.

Check out the names below, and make sure to register soon!

GrowthBeat Speakers

We’ll be announcing a bunch of other speaker and program updates in the coming days, so stay tuned. For more on the vision of GrowthBeat, including event themes and takeaways, you can head over to our event site.

Special thanks to the following industry leaders for supporting GrowthBeat: Demandbase as Gold Partner; Ion Interactive as Silver Partner; AT&T, Swrve, Act-On, Personagraph, and Looker as Event Partners; and CommandIQ & Marketing.AI as Nest Partners.