Bot maker will now allow bot creators to generate Facebook Messenger parametric codes to guide a user to their bot and customize the consumer’s experience.

QR codes in chat apps like WeChat have been used to make purchases, unlock unique information, or guide a user’s experience in the offline world.

Messenger Platform 2.0 launched during the F8 keynote address today, and new updates are centered on discovery, with features like scan codes and chat extensions.

In its new iteration, the Messenger platform further explores scan codes beyond the rudimentary abilities made available last year. Initially, scan codes for Facebook Messenger were only able to bring you to a Facebook page or profile.

When QR codes first emerged, said in a Medium post today, they were lauded as the next big thing, but that didn’t pan out (unless you’re WeChat in China). Part of the blame, the Octane team says, goes to the old requirement of a dedicated QR scanner app, but with the integration of QR scanning into the latest version of the Messenger camera and the new features, things are looking up.

“Imagine you are walking down the street and you see a poster belonging to your favorite band,” the post reads. “If that band were using Messenger codes, you would simply scan the code on the poster and be taken to a convo that tells you when they’re playing in your area or when new music is due to be released.”

Last fall, launched its platform in beta for the creation of easy-to-use Facebook Messenger bots. The Octane bot engine has been used to create bots for Aerosmith, KISS, 50 Cent, and others. Last month the Octane platform left beta and became publicly available.

Octane is based in San Francisco and has 13 employees. Octane has raised $1.5 million from General Catalyst Partners, Boost VC, and other financial backers.

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