Ooma has carved out a niche as a maker of internet-based phone systems for consumers. And now it is unveiling a new smart home monitoring system that allows people to make 911 calls remotely when they are not at home.

The company unveiled the Ooma Home Monitoring product at CES 2017, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas this week.

Designed to work with the Ooma smart home phone service — the Ooma Telo — the system includes sensors for motion, water, doors, and windows, as well as the ability to remotely place a local 911 call from the home.

“Ooma’s unique hybrid cloud platform is ideally suited to enable new innovative services, including our new Home Monitoring service,” said Eric Stang, CEO of Ooma, in a statement. “Ooma Home Monitoring joins our recently announced Ooma Internet Security as two new Ooma-branded smart home services offered to our large base of Ooma Telo customers. Integrating Ooma Home Monitoring with Remote 911 gives our customers even greater security and convenience.”

Consumers can manage the system and monitor the status of each sensor via the Ooma Home Monitoring Mobile App on their iOS or Android mobile device. They can select from a variety of real-time notifications, including a phone call, SMS, email alert, and app notification. The Ooma Telo device can also deliver voice announcements when a sensor is triggered or when “home” or “away” mode is changed.

Ooma Home Monitoring is the only solution to provide the option to remotely dial 911 from your home phone number, even when you’re away, making it possible to speak with your home’s local emergency dispatcher, who will automatically receive your home address information to facilitate the fastest response time possible.

The service supports up to 100 connected sensors, using the latest version of the Ooma Telo. Sensors work wirelessly using the same DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology used by hundreds of millions of cordless handsets worldwide. They are easily installed, which eliminates the need for professional installation, and give home owners and renters a simple and affordable home monitoring system.

All Ooma customers will receive the Ooma Home Monitoring service free for the first sensor (door/window, motion, or water). For each additional sensor, Ooma Basic service customers can subscribe to Ooma Home Monitoring for $6 per month, while Premier customers can use the service at no additional cost.

The water sensor retails for $30, the motion sensor for $35, and the door and window sensor for $25. Ooma Home Monitoring will be available in the first quarter and can be preordered from Amazon starting today.

Founded in 2004, Ooma creates new communications experiences for small businesses and consumers.

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