Samsung got such a good response to its smart refrigerator in the past year that it has launched a whole family of them under the Family Hub 2.0 brand name.

John Herrington, senior vice president at Samsung Electronics America, said at the South Korean electronics giant’s CES 2017 press event that Family Hub refrigerator sales exceeded expectations, and now the company is introducing four new Family Hub 2.0 refrigerators, all with French door designs.

With these appliances, you can read family news on the touchscreen display. You can also maneuver through the interface by using voice commands. You can say, “Read recipe” and the refrigerator will do so.

You can also look at an app on a smartphone to see the view from the fridge’s internal cam.

Samsung Family Hub 2.0

Above: Samsung Family Hub 2.0

Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

You can use that to build a grocery list and then order the goods through InstaCart or Groceries by MasterCard.

Each family member now has a personal folder and can access individual calendars and other personal items. You can share photos or do drawings on the touchscreen.

Also on the appliance front, Samsung said it is introducing new flexible washers and dryers, each with two compartments for simultaneous washing and drying. All of the appliances are, of course, enabled for the Internet of Things, or making everyday objects smart and connected.

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