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This blog post will self-destruct in 24 hours.

Or it would if it were a document sent to you via Digify, a startup with offices in the Singapore and Silicon Valley that is building a tool for securely sharing documents, while ensuring that the recipients can’t copy, screenshot, or re-share those documents without your permission.

“It’s like a Snapchat for business content,” says founder and chief executive Augustine Lim.

With Digify, you can take documents from Dropbox or Microsoft Office and share them with complete security. You can even set time limits for your recipients — for instance, you can let someone view your document just for the next 24 hours. The company is working on adding the ability to share Google Drive and Box documents, as well.

It works on Windows, iOS, and Android, with a Mac version to come soon. The interface is quite simple: connect to Dropbox or a local folder, select the files you want to share, and send them to the recipient.

Lim envisions a couple of use cases: Creative agencies or inventors who want to show their work to clients without the risk that the work will be stolen; and individuals who want to share photos with their friends without the risk that those photos will wind up on Facebook or elsewhere.

If the recipient attempts to take a screenshot while viewing the document, the app will prevent them from doing so on the Digify Android and desktop versions. On the iOS version of Digify, the file will be immediately unshared and the sender notified once a screenshot is detected.  (In that respect, it’s a lot more secure than Snapchat, whose “self-destructing” images are surprisingly easy to screenshot.)

Lim founded the company in 2011. “Becoming an entrepreneur was a dream of mine,” Lim said in a recent interview.

The Digify app is available for download now.