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By fashion writer  Photographs by Molly DeCoudreaux

This piece originally ran in Refinery29. Read the full story for additional profiles of handsome devils Matt Galligan, Cesar Torres, Baldwin Cunningham, Cullen Wilson, Rob LaFave, and Daniel Burka.

The entire world is eyeing San Francisco as we continue to crush it with standout technology. The financial bets are big, the innovation is intoxicating, and the city is buzzing with possibilities. But, as you can tell just by looking around, dapper dressing is still pretty low on the priority list for many digital-minded dudes.

However, in a scene filled with ill-fitting hoodies, we’ve had our eye on a few gentlemen who are bucking this trend. The nine coolest guys in tech are keeping style top of mind while making waves in the industry. We’ve asked them to get real with us about fashion disasters, their perspectives on S.F. style, and how they’re changing the world’s idea of what it looks like to work in tech. With not a flip-flop in sight, we promise — this is geek chic at its finest.

Name: J Sider
Gig: CEO and founder of BandPage


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Tell us exactly what you do.
“We help musicians set up and manage their online presence. So, if you are a musician and need to set up a Facebook page, a website, or a blog — we can help. We have over 500,000 musicians around the world that use BandPage, from musicians that are just starting out to the largest artists in the world.”

How did you get started in tech?
“I slept on a couch in San Francisco for four months, going to tech meet-ups every day, talking to over 1,000 people. Then I found an amazing engineer, Chris Tholen. We would build products every day until 2 a.m. and then sleep for a few hours and wake up and start again. It’s true, ask his patient and awesome wife, Kate.”

What is the coolest part about your job?
“I get to build stuff I love for the people I care most about: musicians. We get to change an industry with an office full of amazing people. There is music playing all day at the office, great conversations, and tons of innovation.”

How would you describe your style?
“Virginia mountain man meets urban San Francisco.”
What are your go-to wardrobe staples?
“Levi’s, flannel, and a red cap.”

Photo: J Sider kicking it in Levi’s jeans, a thrifted shirt, and that infamous red beanie!