AI now plays a pivotal role in so many industries, it simply cannot be ignored — those who do will simply become charmingly anachronistic. Join this essential VB Live event to understand the current AI landscape and how those who are winning at it, are winning big.

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Ever since iPhones came equipped with the soothing tones of Siri, artificial intelligence entered the mainstream. Whether answering basic questions or finding information on local architecture, artificial intelligence (AI) simulates human intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and even language translation. From the insurance industry’s anti-fraud efforts to the latest automobile technology (self-driving mini-vans anyone?) AI is revolutionizing products and services throughout the business world.

It seemed so long ago that artificial intelligence was something you only hear in a cheesy sci-fi movie, but these days it’s almost taken for granted, due to how much AI is embedded in our daily lives. The idea of a machine learning guiding you through your daily routines used to feel so futuristic and unobtainable, yet, we do it everyday with Siri on our iPhones — or Cortana, for those Microsoft users out there. AI is part of the mainstream and will only get bigger, as technology continues to improve in mimicking human behaviour, and the big players in the tech industry are certainly taking notice.

Google took great pride that it’s advancements in deep learning – a type of AI for key processes – resulted in 8 percent word error rate in speech recognition; a significant improvement from the 23 percent it had in 2013. Moving to social media, Facebook’s latest AI experiment had generating captions and face recognition in videos. Considering the fierce competition between the Google-owned YouTube and Facebook, advancements like these could lead to one side dominating the other in the videos department. The exciting results don’t only affect social media users, but ad makers as well.

We’re also seeing strong investment in AI-focused startups, such as Sony investing undisclosed sum in California-based Cogitai, believing it will lead to huge revenue in the future. For something more open, AI startup Osaro raised $3.3 million from high-profile investors like Peter Thiel, Scott Banister, Sean Parker, and more. Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter have also acquired AI startups in recent years. With historical moments like Google’s AI beating a professional Go player three out of five time, interest in AI advancements will only increase. Of course, incidents like Microsoft’s AI chatbot posting offensive tweets is a reminder that current AI tech isn’t perfect, but we’re definitely getting close.The AI revolution: How artificial intelligence can boost your bottom line (Webinar)

The AI movement is only getting stronger each day, and by attending this webinar, you’ll be able to catch up before being left in the dust of the competition. We’ll go over the AI landscape and how the top players in the industry are using AI to better their bottom line. Want to know the most effective and cost-efficient way for implementing AI to your business plan? Join the discussion to find out how.

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Speakers include:

  • Jon Cifuentes, Analyst, VentureBeat
  • Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat