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Whether you’re hosting or sponsoring events, when you integrate events into your overall marketing mix, each one becomes an opportunity to reach, engage, and convert new customers. Learn how they can take a central role in driving adoption, boosting loyalty, and opening up new ways to upsell and cross-sell in this VB Live event.

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Are events still relevant in a digital world? Well, nearly 70% of CMOs say in-person events are extremely or very significant in accelerating the sales cycle. Events can offer hundreds or even thousands of high-value interactions with a highly qualified audience. If done right, they result in a measurable boost in adoption, increased loyalty, and a greater number of upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

The problem is that marketers are treating events like an offline channel.

Live events are a powerful way to collect essential marketing data — when you’re face-to-face with your customer, you can capture a tremendous amount of data, some of which you’d never be able to capture digitally. Engagement data becomes unambiguous, because attendees are making their interest clear with every session they join, the appointments they make, and the booths they visit. And the leads you capture are almost always hot.

But too often, this data all ends up in a silo, because there’s still a disconnect between your events and your overall marketing strategy. But how can it be shared effectively, and efficiently integrated into the big picture, when your event marketers are still using old-fashioned, offline ways to capture all that information, and data easily becomes fragmented and lost?

Event marketers can move past the sign-up sheets and business card fishbowls, because event technology has significantly matured. More importantly, the most powerful solutions are fully fused with the technology you’re already familiar with and rely on — your marketing automation and CRM platforms. That means marketers can automate and scale their event marketing activities to amplify live event results.

Automated data capture means it’s reliable and consistent across all of your touch points, and the information you gather can immediately be added to your existing workflows, where your sales and marketing teams can immediately activate it.

You’re building a 3-D profile of your attendees as they move through the whole event cycle, from interest in the conference through registration, attendance, engagement, and behavior throughout the event, as well as post-event interest.

And the variety of information you can capture with event technology is huge. It’s easier to keep track of what sessions they’re attending, booths they’re visiting, and appointments they’re making. With an event app, you can personalize your attendees’ visits to improve engagement, add real-time feedback with mobile event app polling and in-app session rating, offer live digital Q&As, add a portal to your social media presence to further boost engagement and awareness, and more.

After the event, that goldmine of data is already integrated into your marketing systems, but then you have more opportunities than ever to follow up, with post-event surveys, effective social media posts and targeted emails, and more.

Plus, making your event digital-first means that your online presence is more powerful than ever, and also fully integrated into your marketing stack. Microsites can be fully integrated into your overall marketing strategy, including product pages, event information pages, and robust registration pages that capture more attendee information, such as session interest, buying intent, any demographic information they’re willing to share, and more.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For a full overview of how event technology can create a more vivid picture of your prospect than any other marketing channel, and how to prove your event’s value with pipeline and revenue attribution, don’t miss this VB Live event.

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  • Sharon Summers, Director, Global Events, CPA Global
  • Ivo Lukas, CEO/Founder, 24Notion
  • Patrick Smith, CMO, Cvent