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Community thrives online. Scientists have surveyed an online community of amateurs to help predict crater maps of Mars. Global communities have come together on social networks to organize rallies and stand up for issues big and small.  In 2017, an April Fool’s challenge on reddit went viral, resulting in one of the most collaborative pieces of art ever created. Each of these community efforts succeeded through communication, transparency, and widespread participation.

This community effect has great potential in the ecommerce space. As ecommerce grows by 15 percent year-over-year, community-powered technologies can help the industry grow sustainably while providing better information, stronger connections, and more ways to participate.

Project Verte uses the technologies at its disposal to approach ecommerce collaboratively. Project Verte is a platform of the community, by the community, and for the community — bringing clarity, connection, and trust to all parts of the ecommerce process for customers and for the businesses that meet their needs.

This means building automated, robotic fulfillment centers and software to provide the best in logistics AI, data insights, and omnichannel fulfillment so businesses of all sizes can build better relationships with their customers.

It means offering any business the tools to create an asset data blockchain to improve how they store, share, and track information.

It means engineering an ecommerce platform powered by the collective intelligence of its users, which will continuously learn and evolve to help brands grow and improve customer experiences.

And it means engineering a blockchain-powered P2P messenger for direct feedback and communication between brands and consumers.

Through Project Verte’s technologies, community moves ecommerce forward. A collective database holds verified, easily-accessible information about product origin, size, and material. Customers ask questions and give feedback to brands directly through a secure app. Artificial intelligence software learns from users and optimizes everything from product discovery to order fulfillment in real time. In this way, businesses and customers participate as part of a community and play an active role in growing the platform.

Project Verte is an ecommerce ecosystem that uses its suite of technologies to create this participatory community. It’s a space where relationships are built on trust.

Welcome to satisfillment.


Project Verte

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