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Customer and fan engagement now happens in real time. Customers expect a 24-hour response time to inquiries they post on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. And brands from Oreos to the USTA now use real-time marketing strategies to engage fans in conversations that amplify their message.

But how do you create and manage an environment that allows for effective real-time marketing strategies?

The good news is that the latest tools are very sophisticated, letting you scale social media and real-time marketing initiatives, and giving you the ability to integrate those initiatives across other pillars of an overall digital marketing strategy.

Here are some of the types of technologies you’ll want to evaluate as you think about the resources you need:

1. Analytics and Insights

With billions of social media interactions to sort through, the right analytics tools can help you understand where conversations are happening that are relevant to your brand and who the influencers are that you’ll want to engage; and these tools will help you measure the results of your efforts.

2. Content Curation

Whether you’re looking for fresh, real-time content from across a variety of social media feeds or want to create opportunities for your fans to contribute crowd-sourced content, platforms that curate streams in real time can drive real engagement.

3. Campaign Management

From a basic social media management platform to a fully automated, integrated marketing automation system, you’ll need to find the right technology that lets your team collaborate and manage interactions.

4. Fan and Influencer Engagement Platforms

Today’s influencer marketing platforms let you identify the right people to target and manage the relationship you build with them. And there is a broad variety of tools that let you offer various incentives to encourage fans and brand advocates to interact with your brand.

Real-time marketing tools are changing and evolving every day, and it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we are hosting the Realtime Marketing Lab in New York City on October 14th – a one-day event designed to let marketing and communications professionals get hands-on experience and test-drive some of the latest platforms first-hand. You’ll also hear from brands such as Citibank, JetBlue, Campbell’s Soup, and others who are raising the bar when it comes to engaging with customers and prospects in real time.

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