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No matter your game genre, if your goal is to maximize the revenue impact of ad monetization — without impacting in-app purchase revenue or retention — it’s important to hone in on the right formats and strategies. Join this VB Live event to learn top rewarded video integrations by game type, and more.

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Mobile gaming is growing globally, with an average increase of 7% in the number of active mobile game players across markets since 2017. Newzoo forecasts that there will be 2.7 billion mobile gamers by the end of this year — and two-thirds of those gamers are playing mobile games every day, making gaming almost as much a part of people’s daily lives as social media.

And as the audience has grown, the evidence for monetization has too — video ads just work. It’s shown that they help encourage longer player sessions, less player churn, and greater interaction. Players find rewarded ads inherently useful.

Across the world, gamers are happy to watch them if it means getting their game for free, but they expect to be treated fairly. That means the ads can’t overload the game, and gameplay disruption must be minimal.

Casual games

Rewarded video ads put players in control of their in-game ad experience, making them a great fit for mobile games. In fact, 79% of developers said that rewarded video is their most successful ad format, while 79% of U.S. mobile game players and 85% of South Korean players understand the value exchange of ads and are okay with seeing in-app ads.

Rewarded video ads are most effective when built into your game from the start. Placements like Daily Reward Multiplier allow you to monetize almost every active user daily since these ads pop up immediately as the game opens.

Out-of-lives ads are appealing, leveraging the impact that losing can have on a player. Boost rewards are effective because the temptation to move more quickly through levels can be high, especially when it means gaining an advantage over competitors. And end-of-game multipliers are enticing as well, doubling down on the gamer’s sense of satisfaction when they complete a level.

But there are some best practices that are essential for ensuring these formats work. For instance, it’s critical to consider their potential intrusion on game play, and their frequency within the game should be tested to optimize performance.

Hardcore and midcore games

Globally, over 75% of mobile game play time is spent in hardcore and midcore games, which includes RPG, strategy, action, and battle. These types of games made up nearly one-fifth of total global downloads in 2019, but less than 10% share of games with ad SDKs, because hardcore and midcore publishers are only now beginning to realize the potential ads have in these games.

Hardcore and midcore gamers are overwhelmingly positive about rewarded video ads — they don’t just tolerate them, or understand the value exchange, they actually like these ads, particularly when they pop up right when the player needs a boost.

The top hardcore and midcore rewarded video entry points include the lucky wheel, notifications, and direct ads. But whatever rewarded ad type you choose, it’s essential to optimize the placement to maximize engagement. Once that happens, the more often non-paying players are exposed to premium products through these ads, the more likely they are to become paying players. And players who watch ads play more sessions, and longer sessions, than players who don’t watch ads.

To learn more about what mobile players in every genre think about ads and ad placement, how to maximize ad engagement, what kind of ads are best for your game and more, plus real-world case studies from the publishers that are increasing their ad revenue by several magnitudes by getting it right, don’t miss this VB Live event.

You’ll get an in-depth look at the best rewarded video entry points for your game type, including what works best for each genre, common placements, design innovations, and value exchange. And you’ll learn about how to test ads in your game, no matter what genre it is.

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In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Insights into in-app ad success by genre
  • The best rewarded video entry points for each game genre
  • How to leverage common A/B testing methods
  • How to make sure ad integrations complement in-app purchases
  • How leading publishers test and prove the revenue potential of ads


  • Kiel LeBaron, Senior Director, Ad Monetization, Jam City
  • Hahn Kim, Strategic Partner Manager, Facebook Audience Network
  • Emma Bullen, Product Marketing Manager, Hyper Hippo Entertainment (Moderator)