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According to the 2020 Mobile Games Advertising Report, roughly two-thirds of people globally are playing mobile games every day, and total worldwide smartphone gaming revenue was $82.6B by the end of 2019. In-game ads made up a whopping 17% of that.

But that number is expected to triple by 2024. More importantly, across most genres and regions, integrating in-app ads in games has led to over half of gamers playing longer sessions.

It’s increasingly clear that gamers welcome the ad-funded model. So now is the time to leverage an in-app ads strategy.

To help maximize the revenue potential of ads in your game, check out the infographic below for some of the key points you need to know, from player sentiment to preferred ad formats and more.

For a more in-depth read, see this recent article on GamesBeat.  All data points referenced above are sourced in the article itself.

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