CES 2017 went by in a blur, but one of the memorable moments was when LG introduced its 2.57-millimeter-thick Wallpaper TV.

The LG Signature W7 OLED 4K TV is a very impressive piece of technology. LG announced the television at its press event on Tuesday, and I felt like it got overshadowed during the rest of the show. It is so thin (0.15 inches) that you can mount it on a wall using magnets. To remove it from a wall, you actually peel it off, as if you were pulling wallpaper off the wall. It feels like we’re getting very close to the age of disposable electronics, if we’re not there already.

The 65-inch version of the LG will cost about $8,000 and will debut later this year. It is available for preorder right now. LG also showed off a 77-inch version, also debuting later in the year. It sits on a thicker sound bar, and it has 25 percent better brightness than other OLED TVs.

Of course, if you want other thin TVs and don’t mind a one-inch thickness, you’ll find plenty of cheaper TVs out there. So what would I do with a wallpaper TV? Well, I’d certainly move it away from my dart board.

Here’s the moment of introduction below.

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