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Located in the heart of San Francisco, VentureBeat seeks to have a strong brand, voice, and point of view. We’re a young, creative, collaborative, and energetic team.

We’re looking to hire world-class people and keep them happy and productive once they’re here.

Head of AI Events Content

VentureBeat is seeking a leader to head up content for our events focused on artificial intelligence. The Head of AI Events Content will report directly to the CEO and will oversee speaker recruitment and content planning for VentureBeat’s portfolio of events, including Transform.

In this role, you will help determine the overarching themes for each of VentureBeat’s events and liaise with internal VB stakeholders in sales, marketing, and editorial.

You will also be responsible for proactively reaching out to top-tier executives and speakers, reviewing speaker submissions, ranking potential speakers, and securing selected speakers for each of VentureBeat’s events.


  • 10 years of industry experience, preferably with experience in the tech space
  • Strong familiarity with trends around data, AI, and cloud
  • Experience securing C-level speakers for technology events
  • Extensive personal network of executives, PR agencies, and representatives at top companies
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to influence and articulate value in partnerships
  • Passion for AI and transformative technologies
  • Work collaboratively with cross-functional teams
  • Project management skills
  • Strategy expertise a plus

If interested, please send your resume to with “Head of AI Events Content Position” and your name in the subject line.

Managing Editor

Job Summary: The Managing Editor is a key leadership position within VB’s editorial team. Your goal will be to help drive the industry’s best coverage of data technologies and strategies for technical decision makers.

A revolution is unfolding, where all companies are becoming data driven — presenting both opportunity and risk. VB’s editorial aims to be the most helpful guide for technical decision-makers navigating this enterprise transformation.

You get to work with a tight-knit team that enjoys the coverage we produce. You will have a good eye for finding and pursuing compelling story angles and interesting people. You will have strong storytelling instincts. The Managing Editor will report to VB’s Executive Editor, and also work closely with VB’s CEO.

The primary mandate for the managing editor is to expand our external expert contributor program, where we reach out to practitioners, analysts and other decision-makers who are experts in their field to contribute thought-leadership articles to VB. While VB has done this for years, the goal is to significantly scale the program. This is a role where you will be collaborating daily with smart, interesting individuals from across the industry. You will also work closely with our existing guest post editor and the CEO on this initiative

The job can be done remotely, as VB becomes a remote-first and inclusive company. However, you won’t be working in isolation as the team communicates a lot, and bounces ideas off each other.

Responsibilities and duties include collaborating with other parts of the company, including events, where these contributors might also get involved. The role will eventually expand to managing a team of editors who reach out to outside contributors.

As in all growing companies, the managing editor at VB will be flexible with roles and responsibilities. 

VB values a diverse workplace and strongly encourages women, people of color, LGBT individuals, people with disabilities, members of ethnic minorities, to apply. VB is an equal opportunity employer.

Responsibilities and Duties: 

  • Establish a template for managing outside contributors
  • Hold a high standard of journalistic and personal ethics and integrity
  • Scale the outside contributor program, helping nurture other editors to target relevant outside contributors
  • Collaborate with CEO and guest post editor to refine the editorial strategy of the outside contributor program

Qualifications and Skills:

  • requires 5+ yrs experience in editorial mgmt 
  • knowledge of the enterprise data technology landscape, including AI
  • operational excellence, excellent communication and collaboration 
  • strong familiarity with news and analysis formats, as well as as SEO
  • strong structural editing skills and the ability to turn ‘tricky’ copy into clear writing; the role involves working non-professional writers to get their ideas across

If interested, please send your resume to with “Managing Editor” and your name in the subject line.