Watch Barcelona vs AC Milan Live Streaming UEFA 2nd Leg Online

The entire world is awaiting for the match of Barcelona vs AC Milan, 2nd leg of UEFA Champions League. Barcelona is scaring that they've to be successful this match by scoring massive, at least 3-0 minimum otherwise they are really about to kick away from 2013 UEFA CL. Previous year, they had also left the ground of UEFA with an incredible shocked.

Fez was good Y’all

"My god; It's full of stars": the final words of fictional astronaut Dave Bowman in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. A line in which the true meaning of is a point of contention between audiences and film critics alike. What did it mean? Was it literal or metaphorical? What was revealed to Dave and by whom? The film on its surface does not offer any obvious answers, but a select few believe the answers are littered throughout the film in meta form.

Possibilities of Valve’s new console are endless

The rumors were finally confirmed yesterday, when Gabe Newell openly talked about Valve's upcoming console – said to compete with the next-generation Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Tentatively dubbed the 'steam box', reports are saying that the console could be ready to ship next holiday season, or further in to 2014.

Spike VGA’s make a mockery of the gaming world

I'm all for rewarding the developers of the year's best games with a big shiny prize, especially nation-wide on television. The idea of the editor-in-chief's at the gaming's biggest publications collaborating together to decide just which games achieved the best quality in their particular field is brilliant.

Persona 4 Golden PlayStation Vita

Only 4 years have passed since game developer and publisher Atlus released it's fifth chronological installment to the Shin Megami Tensei series, Persona 4 for the PlayStation 2. Persona 4 was a major success, selling 193,000 copies within a week of its release in Japan, In North America Persona 4 remained the number one selling PlayStation 2 game on for two consecutive weeks. With excellent reviews and chart topping sales a Persona 4 remake for the PlayStation Vita would only seem necessary. On November 20th 2012 Atlus released Persona 4 Golden in North America offering two options for purchase. Retailing at $39.99 you could purchase the game itself, or for $69.99 Atlus offered a 10,000 limited quantity "Solid Gold Edition" box set which included the game, Vita face cover, hard pouch, Vita skin, and stickers. North American sales to date have not been released, but are expected to do well with preorder numbers reaching 114,000 copies. When Persona 4 Golden was released in Japan back in June 2012 it didn't take long for it to become the number one selling PlayStation Vita game in Japan selling 240,000 copies. Persona 4 Golden's gameplay is almost identical to the original, but includes some major bonuses the original didn't offer including… New cutscenes, new characters, new areas, new events, new Personas, tag teams attacks, & many more. The story revolves around the main character, a transfer student from the city sent to live in the small town of Inaba. Shortly after his arrival in Inaba a chain of unusual murders begin to occur and they seem to be tied into a rumor of "The Midnight Channel". Rumor has it that if you stare into the TV. screen at midnight on a rainy night you will see your "soul mate". It turns out the person shown on the midnight channel is not that of your soul mate, but infact the next to die. The main character teams up with a group of friends as they perform their own investigation into the string of murders by visiting a strange world within the television. Persona 4 Golden does a great job taking an RPG and making it something much more. Strategy becomes a key factor when attempting to rescue victims from the TV. world with a calendar based time clock limiting you to the amount of time you have to prepare your character & save the victim. Persona 4 Golden is a great game for new and old fans of the series and is a must have for any PlayStation Vita owner.

Is it ever okay to get mad at games?

Video games are an amazing thing. They can bring joy to the masses and entertain for hundreds of hours. Crafting spectacular event and moments that define a game. Yet they can frustrate many of us to the point of bashing our head againts a desk or flinging controllers across the living room.

My Mid Short Range to Long Range Class

I have been playing MW3 since just before it came out (thanks to couriers for early delivery). One thing stood out. Range versatility. Sometimes I use a sniper, and screw myself over for corners, and frankly and MP9 is not going to touch the PP90M1. It won't even tickle it.

Diversity in Video Games: Where Did Everyone Go?

Diversity is the state of being of a different kind, form, or character.  Something that when one plays video games would expect to see right away and would expect to help them immerse themselves into a game.  In fact, when one plays a game even though there is a diversity of fantasy and mythical characters, there is not a diversity of human characters.  Just like in regular media (television, news, etc.), video games follow just about the same “rules”.

Halo 4 review copies

Earlier this week, review copies for Halo 4 were distributed out to publications and independent reviewers by the dozens. This game that Microsoft is cleverly dubbing 'biggest game of the year' has all odds stacked against it as traditional developer Bungie, is absent as the franchise has been handed off to Microsoft's Halo-focused subsidiary, 343 Industries.

The never-ending year of sequels

I've often heard 2011 negatively coined as 'the year of the sequels' as the unrivaled Game of the Year nominees were all follow-ups to widely successful titles.