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Did you miss Snowflake BUILD, the virtual Data Cloud Dev Summit? It’s the much-anticipated conference about the latest innovations in data applications, data science, data engineering, and more. You’ll hear from developers who love Snowflake, the highly engaged Snowflake community, enterprise data wranglers, and innovative, full-speed-ahead startups.

Watch BUILD sessions on demand here.

Every panel, talk, and hands-on demonstration is now free to view on demand. That’s two full days of important new product announcements and demonstrations, insight from Snowflake’s own team and a host of innovators, plus a wealth of in-depth labs.

You’ll also get real-world, tactical advice straight from Snowflake’s developer community. Learn from experts across a wide range of industries and regions on topics ranging from building data applications to automation, unstructured data, data sharing, and more. You’ll see compelling keynotes, plus product deep-dives that explore features and best practices to build and scale data apps.

What’s buzzworthy at BUILD

  • Powered by Snowflake partners: Five companies show off what they’ve accomplished by building on Snowflake and how the Powered by Snowflake program gives them access to resources and campaign planning while supporting engineers to help them build and market their products better.
  • Getting friendly with Snowpark: Snowpark is the new developer experience that emphasizes data programmability in the languages that developers like to use, including Scala on AWS. Snowflake is in the process of rolling it out for Java and Azure—and stay tuned for info about Python support. In the BUILD session, you’ll learn how to use Snowpark to interact with Snowflake directly, without moving data, and get a look at how to use Java UDFs to more easily incorporate complex logic into Snowflake.
  • Fun examples of what you can do with the Data Cloud: Get plenty of great real-world examples of how partners and customers are building business-changing data apps with Snowflake—plus a few extra-creative applications. Learn how to use Snowpark, Secure Data Sharing, and IoT data to cook better BBQ. Or see how Snowflake’s new unstructured data support can analyze video game replay files from the esports behemoth Dota 2 to help players improve their performance.
  • The future of the developer experience with James Governor: Hear from the co-founder of RedMonk and developer advocate as he discusses emerging trends around developer expectations, underlying technologies, and cloud services.

Here’s a closer look at some of the must-see highlights from BUILD.

Day One

Opening keynote: Watch the summit kick off with product announcements and the latest updates from the recently launched Powered by Snowflake program, plus a look at the growing library of resources. SVP of Engineering Greg Czajkowski shares his vision for the Data Cloud and the opportunity it presents for developers, as well as insights on how the needs of builders are shifting. Then you’ll hear how engineering experts from SK, VideoAmp, and Human are leveraging these resources to build their apps and businesses on Snowflake.

Getting Started with Snowpark and Java UDFs: Join a lab session for hands-on experience with Snowpark, the new developer experience that brings deeply integrated, DataFrame-style programming to the languages developers depend on. You’ll learn the basics of Snowpark and Java User Defined Functions (UDFs); how to use Snowpark to create a session and connect to Snowflake; creating and running a UDF; and more.

Powered by Snowflake Partner Panel: Learn about the brand-new partner program, Powered by Snowflake, and how it helps software companies and application developers succeed across all stages of their journey, from adopting the cloud model to supporting ongoing operations. You’ll hear from early participants as they share how membership is helping them build better products, co-market their products with Snowflake, get the support their applications need, and more.

Addressing the Developer Experience Gap for Data:  James Governor from RedMonk examines the developer experience and changing expectations in a world where all apps are data apps.  Learn how integrated platforms dramatically improve the developer experience, and why developers are moving away from infrastructure to choosing managed services and functions to power the innovation fueled by data.

Day Two

What’s Going on in the Data Ecosystem from a Corporate VC Perspective: In this fireside chat, you’ll learn about the key trends fueling the data startup ecosystem. We look at the use cases that are gaining traction, what VCs are investing in, and offer insights on what Snowflake Ventures looks for when making investment decisions. Then you’ll hear from the CEO of OverlayAnalytics, winner of the first Snowflake Startup Challenge, about their experience—and watch as we announce our second Snowflake Startup Challenge!

BUILD.local Virtual Breakouts: These breakout sessions bring together peers in your region to discuss community-led innovations, from re-platforming applications to best practices for automating roles, data sharing, and databases in Snowflake. Some highlights include:

  • BUILD.local: Building Data Applications & Unstructured Data: Two data superheroes take you through building data applications on Snowflake and leveraging unstructured data.
  • BUILD.local: How Marketo Built a Powerful Data Application on Snowflake: In this Americas session, you’ll learn how Marketo uses Snowflake to give its customers near-real-time insights on the impact of marketing campaigns, and in turn, enable them to make critical campaign decisions based on insight.

AWS SageMaker Data Wrangler: It’s increasingly clear that machine learning (ML) technology is key to innovating and gaining a competitive advantage, no matter what stage your company is at. In this lab session, you’ll learn how Snowflake and Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler can help you accelerate the data improvement steps for your data in Snowflake. You’ll start from the top, learning how to connect Snowflake to SageMaker Data Wrangler, then learn how to enrich datasets with third-party data, leverage pre-built feature engineering transformations, and more.

The Twilio SendGrid Story with the Data Cloud: Going from startup to a public company sending billions of targeted emails a month to being acquired by one of the most successful SaaS companies in history, the Twilio SendGrid story inspires the new generation of SaaS entrepreneurs. Join this session to learn how Twilio SendGrid started its journey with the Data Cloud and how Snowflake has helped along the way.

My Journey Building in the Data Cloud: In this session, you’ll be inspired by businesses that are pushing the envelope for what’s possible in a data-driven organization. You’ll hear from innovators at CloudZero and IQVIA about their journey with Snowflake and what they learned along the way, from processing PII and sensitive data to improving app performance.

This is just a fraction of the free panels, talks, and hands-on labs that are available now. Catch up on product news, work through the hands-on labs that teach you key functions and use cases step by step, learn from your peers, hear from innovators, and don’t miss the next big thing. 

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