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What’s the “better” way to consume a book? Sitting down to read it cover to cover? Or maybe listening to an audiobook version? 

While an individual’s aesthetic preferences may vary, it turns out that as far as the brain is concerned, there’s really no significant difference between reading a book or listening to it. As psychologist, Daniel Willingham, concludes, “by about late elementary school, decoding becomes so second-nature that it isn’t any additional work for your brain. It happens automatically.”

So if there’s no discernible difference in your end result, the choice to read or listen can often come down to the factor that shapes and controls so many of our choices these days: time.

Here, the reading vs. listening equation isn’t quite so balanced. As the exploding power of podcasts prove, there’s lots of time in the day for the average person to slip on a pair of headphones or stream through car stereo speakers to educate and entertain one’s self.

Even in our new world order, driving around town, working out at the gym, sitting behind a desk at work, and other daily pursuits leave lots of little moments to fill up a day with audio, far more than moments to really hunker down and read.

Elocance wants to help motivated individuals use those random moments in our day more efficiently, crafting anything you might need or want to read into easily digestible audio podcasts.

Whether you’re a productivity junkie, or just have an insatiable lust for learning, Elocance is how users can more easily take in all the news articles, reports, PDFs, and other documents they’d like to study, but can’t find the time to read in full.

The Elocance app is the heart of their service. Whether you have Elocance on your desktop browser or in your phone, all you have to do is route your document of choice to them. Click-and-drag, share, or even email a business report, long form article, meeting minutes, or other work, and Elocance gets rolling.

Using the most recent advances in neural networks and artificial intelligence, Elocance enlists synthetic voice technology to turn that written material into an audio stream that doesn’t sound like it’s being read by the HAL 9000.

In a realistic human voice suited to your specifics, your content is instantly sorted into your own curated Elocance playlists, allowing users to maximize their time and focus on listening and learning in the exact categories they need, in any language they choose.

Right now is the perfect time to give Elocance a spin. Once visitors go to the Elocance site, download the app and subscribe, users unlock a 50 percent off offer on a one-year subscription. Just enter the code ELO#2@21 to save half off the cost of 12 months of Elocance now.

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