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While everyone is still coping with the effects of COVID and the global response to the pandemic, there are some results of the past two years that are clear. One is that remote work and the shifting worldwide workforce is here — and it’s here to stay.

Almost three out of four companies report they plan to shift some of their employees to remote working permanently. Meanwhile, up to 30 percent of the workforce will likely be working remotely by the end of this year. And for the most part, both employers and employees are saying that they see benefits from this new arrangement.

Now that companies realize they can save as much as $11,000 per year for each employee who works remotely even half of the time, that’s opened up a new way of thinking about who’s a good fit for their organization. In fact, many companies are realizing their workers not only don’t have to live in the same town. They don’t even have to live in the same country.

Remote makes the at-home workforce work

Of course, it’s easier said than done to bring together a team of employees that are never under one roof. Just ask the poor beleaguered human resources professional in each company how simple it is to coordinate that kind of workforce.

You’ve probably seen the hoops your company’s HR pros have to jump through when all your co-workers are stationed in one place. Now, imagine the hurdles they face when your co-workers work in other time zones. Or even, other nations.

Remote was tailored to streamline that entire process.

On their all-in-one platform, Remote centralizes everything, bringing together tools for overseeing payroll, benefits, compliance, and even team connectivity all in one place. For new employees, Remote self-guides them through the whole onboarding process. That allows workers anywhere to handle salary calculations, sign tax documents and other important employment paperwork, get paid and monitor benefits, and even submit expenses and time-off requests.

Meanwhile, Remote is just as handy for managers and HR personnel. With a click, they can authorize payments and help facilitate everything an off-site worker needs, all right from the platform.

And while Remote can simplify the hiring and staffing process for any company with remote staff, it’s particularly geared to help firms navigate through the complex world of international labor and hiring.

Globalize your workforce with Remote

 Whether firms want to better organize their current workers or open the doors to international talent, Remote has optimized the process for adding workers in foreign nations to a team naturally.

Typically, the process of hiring foreign workers would be a long, laborious one, requiring a company to set up a legal entity in the worker’s own country so they could get paid with all applicable taxes paid and local laws observed. If that sounds like more work than most companies would want to do just to onboard a foreign worker…you’re right, which is why most haven’t.

However, Remote has worked out that step. They actually serve as the employer of record for a company’s international worker, handling all international compliance and HR responsibilities. With representatives all over the world, Remote leverages in-country experts to make sure employees you hire are paid in their local currency, enjoy benefits and perks befitting their nation, and support all HR issues from salary changes and rewards to discipline and offboarding when needed.

Remote is tailored to help support companies of any size, already including firms like Arduino, GitLab, Paystack, Loom, and more among their clients. Right now, new Remote users can also save up to 50 percent off the cost for the first three months of employee services for your first international worker.

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