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The crypto and blockchain markets are often considered high-risk investment avenues due to volatility and low liquidity ratio but the ROI they provide can be significant. Added to that, government-imposed regulations are affecting the popularity of these financial markets, making them lesser-known channels of investment.

Crypto expert Romain Prevost, known as “Monk” in the blockchain space, believes that most investors feel this is an unsafe zone because they lack knowledge about it. Most crypto traders are betting on the hope of wider adoption of this currency in the near future and this is where Monk is making a difference. He co-founded Orbit, a decentralized financial payment network in the crypto world that has disrupted the market.

Brought up in Berlin, Monk connected with his French roots and completed his degree in business management and strategy in Paris. It was there that he was introduced to the world of self-development through yoga and meditation. Back in Berlin, Monk started working as a waiter but the onset of the pandemic at the beginning of 2020 changed his life forever. He became jobless overnight, completely broke with thousands of euros in debt in four banks and in the midst of an awful heartbreak.

At the time when he felt his career has hit the rock bottom, Monk wanted to bounce back higher. Gradually he found strength by practicing yoga and meditation for four to five hours every day. With a goal to help other people experience the same journey of self-discovery, Monk started an online coaching platform on yoga and meditation, but that unfortunately failed. After a while, Monk realized that he might have gained inner strength and focus in life but he had not yet achieved anything big from it to inspire others to follow him. That’s when he decided to explore the cryptocurrency market.

Within a couple of months of working in the crypto space, Monk managed to become debt-free and started gaining insight into the market. The more he understood about crypto and blockchain, the more he was brimming with ideas to grow in the market. He launched a cryptocurrency by the name BabyCake reflection coin on Binance Smart Chain with massive redistribution rewards for holding. The currency gained crazy popularity making him a multi-millionaire within a couple of months. By then Monk had earned more than 10,000 social media followers who trust him for his knowledge in the crypto world. With his newfound success, Monk was all set to focus on something even bigger. He decided to walk away from BabyCake reflection to start his next venture.

Monk co-founded Orbit which he currently heads as the CEO. Orbit is a company operating in the crypto space. It has launched Andromeda decentralized financial payment network that rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain. Andromeda has its own reserve currency by the name M31. Andromeda is disrupting the market as an independent “middleman” for traders.

Going forward, Monk wants to create a launchpad for investors to launch any project on this platform, list it in the active community, and exchange it safely. It will be an all-in-one infrastructure with no currency to provide a safe haven for crypto investors to connect and trade. Considering his exponential success so far, Monk’s future moves will be interesting for any crypto trader or investor to keep track of.

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