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Your age, gender, and body type. Your diet. Your physical activity. Your hormone levels. Your environment. There are a dozen different factors that play into your personal metabolism on a given day. And those elements change virtually every day.

To know exactly where your body stands each day, you would traditionally need metabolic testing through an accredited lab to get an accurate read on all those elements. And even then, those findings will likely have changed by the time you get the results.

The future of wellness and data-centered tech relies on knowledge that doesn’t require days of lab work. It’s about instant access to vital personal details in real-time that allow each user to make smart decisions about what they do next from their eating to their activity levels to their sleep patterns.

That need for instant data is what led Daniel Tal Mor, wife Michal, and sister-in-law Merav to launch Lumen, a handheld device that measures a user’s metabolic activity through their breath. By measuring CO2 levels, Lumen can determine whether the user is burning fat or carbs, offer dietary suggestions, and basically help each user track the current state of their body and maintain a metabolic balance. With that guidance, users can prime their bodies to burn fat while sleeping, then strike a fuel equilibrium while awake.

“Eventually, everything about our health and fitness will be hyper-connected,” Tal Mor said. “It will all connect into our data-run fitness and wellness lifestyle and everything will be integrated. It is up to us to move toward a clear and focused goal to leverage this level of integration.”

Lumen is a big step in that integration, short-circuiting the cycle of ineffective diet and health trends. With a breath, the device breaks down how your food and exercise impact your metabolism, then offers a scale from 1 to 5 that charts whether your body is running on stored fat or the carbohydrates you’ve been consuming. Based on that reading, Lumen then offers recommended dining options with specific carb, fat, and protein macros to help rebalance your metabolism and get your body in proper alignment.

For Tal Mor, Lumen isn’t just an aid device, but a nod toward the future of personal health responsibility. “Wellness is going to transform into something essential, and not just something that is recommended,” Tal Mor said.

Right now, you can learn more about Daniel Tal Mor and Lumen by heading over to the Lumen website.

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