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There’s nothing like some downtime to help someone re-center themselves and take stock of their priorities. It’s no surprise that so many used their COVID-inspired downtime last year to really reassess their investment strategies. 

That reassessment came with plenty of research for many, and one general conclusion to all that research and thinking is that many really want to be taking bigger shots at larger high-return investment possibilities.

There’s potential for huge windfalls in picking the right real estate investment or backing the right company primed to explode. However, funds in traditional or even most Roth IRAs can’t be used for those types of investments. The money in those accounts as well as that in 401(k)s can only be used for a handful of extremely safe and approved stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. While somewhat protected, those investment options will never return massive dividends.

Rocket Dollar thinks every investor should have the opportunity to dream bigger. The company’s philosophy is based on a simple principle, allowing everyday investors to use some of the same savvy techniques that the wealthy use for putting tax-protected retirement funds into a wider range of investment options that carry higher returns, including areas other IRAs and 401(k)s won’t go.

While it’s been commonplace for years for the rich, like tech mogul Peter Thiel, to transform a Roth IRA into a $5 billion tax-free retirement goldmine, Rocket Dollar essentially helps any investor do the same.

With a Rocket Dollar Self-Directed IRA and the company’s app, even casual investors have the means to go beyond the bank-approved stocks and bonds and start putting their money in new investment types with significantly higher return potential, while retaining its tax-protected status.

Rocket Dollar streamlines the entire process, offering individuals the ability to access investment opportunities for IRA dollars in virtually any asset class now allowed by the IRS. If you think cryptocurrency will continue its upward march, you can make it a piece of your IRA. The same goes for real estate or investment properties. You can also use your tax-protected retirement dollars to invest in a startup, with dividends going back to that IRA and joining the rest of your tax-shielded money.

Before Rocket Dollar, the avenues to make these types of moves were available, but they were often shrouded behind so many rules and regulations and compliance issues that it was almost impossible for the average investor to do it right. Rocket Dollar does all the heavy lifting for you, allowing investors to use IRA and 401(k) money for those potential high-return investments while meeting all the important tax laws.

But just in case anything gets too complicated, a Rocket Dollar account also gives users access to the company’s array of customer service professionals, and a trained expert ready to help walk members through any questions or suggestions to make the most well-informed decisions possible.

Right now, investors can explore a Rocket Dollar IRA or solo 401k account today, all available through an easy pricing structure. Memberships require a one-time setup fee as low as $360, while ongoing membership is just $15 a month with no extra hidden costs. 

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