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As cryptocurrency and blockchain projects continue to arise and flourish, we see more and more companies creating products and platforms that utilize these complementary technologies. It is becoming more common for such companies to create their own cryptocurrencies to facilitate faster and more secure exchanges of value or information within their platform.

Cappasity, Inc. offers a SaaS solution for 3D imaging for ecommerce, utilizing a streamlined 3D production system with a software pipeline that works as fast as traditional photography. Working closely with ecommerce retail leaders, Cappasity has redefined the 3D retail production landscape, enabling a 3D experience for everyone.

The Santa Clara, CA-based company has developed their platform on blockchain technology and has created an internal economy that is fuelled by their utility token, CAPP. The use of CAPP for all transactions on the blockchain platform will ensure copyright security between content creators and buyers with the publicly verifiable, decentralized ledger.

Content for websites, mobile, and AR/VR apps can be created using standard photo equipment and Cappasity’s software, Easy 3D Scan. The latter facilitates content upload onto the Cappasity platform, where synchronization with a retailer’s product catalogue takes place. Companies report higher conversions as visitors of their websites have an opportunity to see products in detail from all sides and have an immersive experience as if they were shopping in a regular store.

“Our customers are a priority for us and we want to deliver the best possible browsing experience to them. Cappasity’s cutting-edge technology makes online shopping easier and more natural allowing them to study materials, textures, and colors in detail. This helps us to differentiate in the market and showcase our unique products as never before,” said Jean-Christophe Ankaoua, President of Lion-Snakes (Marque Claris Virot).

At the moment, CAPP tokens are used to purchase services. However, soon Cappasity will open a content database to rent or purchase content with CAPP. Any user will be able to create, upload, and sell or rent out their content. Smaller companies that cannot afford creating their own content can now browse stock images instead. Since the content is inexpensive, the application of blockchain technology to perform microtransactions is very convenient, eliminating the need to pay high commissions.

Cappasity is also working on an exchange tool within the platform that will facilitate the exchange of fiat currencies into CAPP. The company has already announced the launch of its own wallet, which can be used to hold tokens and purchase services on the platform. The wallet has been created on the basis of the smart-contract technology and its mobile version will be available soon.

One might question the real utility in a SaaS platform implementing blockchain technology; why are cryptocurrencies key to the future of digital content exchange? The answer is that the blockchain ensures copyright protection. When the content is uploaded on the platform, it is checked against the database of copyright holders, making it easy to spot discrepancies. Cappasity is planning to create the first copyright database for 3D content, and is now working on algorithms that allow them to calculate hash for 3D objects. Cappasity’s blockchain developers have several years of experience in 3D technologies and expect the release of this functionality to be available in Q3/Q4 of 2018.

Cappasity is also focused on building partnerships with institutions and accelerators in the USA, and has recently started working with an incubator in Philadelphia.

“The purpose of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator is to support and promote emerging fashion designers and the fashion community of Philadelphia. We dedicate our resources to young designers to help them set up their businesses, get on solid ground, and ensure their future success. We are glad that we can now provide them with access to a new cutting-edge technology allowing them to showcase their fashion in 3D and attract more clients”, said Elissa Bloom, Executive Director at the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator.

The New York Academy of Arts started using Cappasity for their clients and students last year as well.

Cappasity continues to focus on building and rewarding its community, most recently with an Airdrop — a system in which CAPP holders are rewarded with additional bonuses on top of the CAPP that they hold.

More than 100,000 new users registered on our portal in the first month of our crowdsale. With the upcoming release of our mobile application, we’re extremely excited to see how many more will join us and start exploring the possibilities that Cappasity’s Easy 3D Scan creates for makers and businesses

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