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Ingrid on the sidewalk.


The evidence. (Click to embiggen.)

Dear Professor Layton,

I have a mystery in dire need of solving. For over a year now, the character Ingrid from your game Professor Layton and the Curious Village has been stuck to the sidewalk at Post and Kearny in downtown San Francisco. The intersection is a well-trafficked area, and I fear the trampling of feet must be dreadfully uncomfortable for her. Also presumably uncomfortable is the fact that she is missing most of her body, save the tip of her nose [see the enclosed photograph]. How did this happen? Was she part of a guerrilla advertising campaign? I believe I recall some bus shelter ads around the time your game came out — perhaps she was running to catch the bus, tripped, and fell, never to get up again? I eagerly await your response.
Brett Bates
P.S. The solution is worth 60 picarats.

Ingrid in better times
Ingrid in better times.

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