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Do you remember the great battle for supremacy between Nintendo and Sega? I know I do. This wasn’t some war where executives and PR folks lobbed vague barbs at the competition in obscure interviews; this was war.


The most memorable attack of the clash came via the now classic “Genesis does what Nintendon’t” campaign. Sega was pushing the 16-bit Genesis as the future of gaming, while Nintendo was still pumping out games for the huge user base of the NES. Rather than simply making a commercial showing how great their games were, Sega went one further and basically called Nintendo out for being stuck in gaming’s past.



The commercial hasn’t aged particularly well (OK, it’s super-cheesy now), but it’s still highly entertaining to watch. I remember watching this commercial and feeling as though I desperately needed to get my hands on a Sega Genesis. I couldn’t afford one, but I darn sure wanted to see what it was all about.


The stakes may be higher in today’s console wars, but for my money nothing beats the classic face-off between Sega and Nintendo. As for my allegiance in the fight? I bought a Super Nintendo first, but bought a Genesis shortly after. Can’t we all just get along?

What do you think? Were the old-school battles between Sega and Nintendo more interesting than today’s three-way fight between Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony? Do you have fond memories of the “Genesis does what Nintendon’t” campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments below.