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First Person Shooter games have been improving for a long time and now I think that they have met there all time peak so far. The graphics the physical interaction everything it all thought out and is made perfect all to the lat detail, but there are so many out there which is the best one that has everything. To help you out a little bit we have decided to pick two of the very best first person shooter games out there, the amazing and Modern Call Of duty 4: Modern Warfare and the breathtaking futuristic Crysis. Both of these games are at the cutting edge of first person shooters, but which is best. We are going to compare the two using seven different categories, visuals, Story line, physics and interaction, AI, weapons and gadgets, Single player campaign and Multiplayer.


  We start with the visuals. Both games are designed to look stunning and look perfect on which ever platform you are to buy them although Crysis is only available on one platform the PC which means gamers may need to part with a lot of money to get the computer up to scratch so that they can run it. Call of duty is available on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and soon even on the DS however it looks its best on the PS3, where the graphics are great but even if you were to buy it on its best looking console it would not be enough to beat Crysis. The amazing textures and graphics that Crysis seems to deliver are just amazing, especially in the jungle where no matter where you look it would all seem real and photo perfect.

Winner: Crysis         


COD4 takes place in the Middle East and takes you all the way towards Russia, you play as three different soldiers but the overall objective is the same find the ultranationalist named Imran Zakhaev and stop him from firing his nuclear missiles. Whereas Crysis  follows a very different storyline you play as Nomad a US special forces sent to a remote island to find out what has been giving off a strange energy reading however while you are on the island you encounter the north Korean forces that set off an alien invasion. Both have truly intense actions scene, but call of duty gets to the actions very quickly where as Crysis builds up the climax with the story with each level more intense than the last.

Winner: both good.

Physics and interaction

Both games using amazing visuals to bring things such as exploding cars and flying bodies, but COD4 allows players to shoot through weak or thins objects like walls, wood and some metal. Fences and tin rooftops are generally bulletproof in Crysis, however most objects tend to break apart when shot at with enough firepower for example you can blow a wall down with your standard pistol but you can blow it to pieces with a tank. Crysis also lets player shoot drivers in vehicles through the wind screen or blow a tire out to witness some amazing physics.

Winner: Crysis


The enemies in Crysis are always watchful but if you are good you may just be able to shoot one while it is not ready which would put a smile on your face, but this does not happen often. Most of the time you may just make a mistake or knock something which makes a lot more noise than you would expect and put everyone on your tail. Once they have any suspicion of you they call in reinforcements which does tend to be annoying, however once the reinforcements are there the enemies all tend to dumb down a bit and start shooting randomly at walls and even each other.  Whereas in COD4 the AI still calls in reinforcements but they all tend to work with each other rather than alone and never randomly shoot. But don’t get me wrong the AI in Crysis is still great it is just that it isn’t as consistent as the AI in COD4.

Winner: call of duty 4: modern warfare

Weapons and gadgets.

Crysis’s main gadget isn’t a special gun or an extra hand held gadget, no, it is a suit that’s right the game is based around a Nomads nanosuit. The suit allows the user to do some really impressive things like Super strength, Super speed, increase armor or turn invisible with stealth mode, the amazing suit is very desirable if it was real. COD4 has night vision goggles that never run out of power and stops working while in use, the latest anti-armor rocket launchers and the chance to use the turrets of a flying gunship, however the tech of today can never beat the tech of the future like alien freeze rays and handheld mini nuclear warhead launchers.

Winner: Crysis

Single-player campaign

COD4 has a very good single player campaign with instinctive qualities and non-stop action, but only Crysis has enormous alien boss monsters and zero-gravity environments. Even though COD4 missions have different outcomes according to what you as a player accomplishes, each situation still follows the one path and enemies always popping out of the very same place and doing the same place. Crysis also follows the one path that takes place on the one island; however the environments are a lot more vast and open. The action is set out in a much slower pace compared to modern warfare, but things are a lot less predictably especially when you need to start fighting the nanosuit. You can choose to assault prepared positions, sneak into bases or use a vehicle to get past all of this. Finally COD4 makes players auto save whereas Crysis offers both automatic saving and a save anywhere feature.

Winner Crysis


Crysis offers an online feature called power struggle which requires players to compete against other to gain control over certain facilities before destroying the other team’s base in a huge mushroom cloud, however the huge maps and the complicated objects means that online games can go on for hours. Also for those who have installed the demo may encounter some problems to do with your activation code. COD4 features more fast paced action and allows players to unlock additional classes and weaponry while they play. Also players can die in Crysis without knowing what killed them, whereas COD4 has a kill cam feature which allows the player to view there killers last few moments just before they killed you.

Winner: Call Of Duty 4: Modern warfare.

The winner is…

Crysis uses superior technology to put it way ahead of the modern world. Although I loved playing COD4 for the captivating fight against terrorism, Crysis features a more open world which doesn’t require gamers to rush from one mission to the other. Also COD4’s game play time just adds up to around 5hours which isn’t that long, whereas Crysis takes from 10 -15 hours to complete which means 10-15 hours of non-stop and ridiculous fun.

Overall winner: Crysis