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What’s this? A Bitmob Spotlight during the week? We decided to start showcasing community content during the week as well as during the weekend. Enjoy!


In the first edition of the Wednesday Spotlight, the Bitmob community examines how games still need to evolve before matching literature’s and film’s abilities to move people; one person’s attempt to leave Final Fantasy 11 — and the response that brought about in him; games you play while just wanting to relax; how game movies are moving from horrible adaptations to taking story seriously; the end of generations in gaming hardware; and the birth of Bitmob’s Game Club.


Can You Feel It?
By Christopher Quach
Games do create emotional responses in their players. But Christopher says that games have a long way to go before they can match the level of emotional response found in literature and movies. How do we do this? His first step: Games need permanence as the result of actions, like the ability to kill player characters in MMOs for good. I’d enjoy seeing a World of WarCraft player’s reaction to his level-capped Blood Elf getting capped.

ffxi_general__13__psd_jpgcopyDear MMO
By Steve Wiemeyer
Steve’s love letter to Final Fantasy 11 is part confession and part admiration for a game that he’s spent the last 6 years of his life with. He recently posted his account for sale. Intrigued by the epic gear listed in other ads, he went back to plugging into the FF11 servers. Let’s find a buyer for his account so he can get the game out of his life.

Sit Back, Relax, and Dig Deep
By Jon Cole
Gamer tastes change over time. Jon finds himself enjoying games that take less of an investment. I don’t blame him — it’s hard to commit to the time required to play many games. Games such as Xbox Live indie title Miner Dig Deep lets him relax, tackling a large task in small chunks at a time. He wants to know what your favorite “lay down on the recliner” game is. For me, it’s any game. If my wife would let me, I’d put a recliner in front of our PC.

wiicube1The New Next Gen
By Alex R. Cronk-Young
Alex’s quest to discover if Bitmobbers thought that the Wii belongs to this “console generation” morphed into the idea that we’d no longer have console generations. Instead, we should expect the Apple way of doing things: incremental improvements instead of “new generations” of consoles. Is Project Natal gaming’s first step in this direction?

Destroying My Memories
By Alex Beech
Movies have been unkind to some of our favorite games: Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, and Resident Evil translated into some pretty awful movies. Alex takes a look at the challenges that face directors, producers, and writers as they bring games to film. He notes that recent offerings, like Hitman, show that they’re looking at the game’s story and world instead of just its fans.

Bitmob_Game_ClubBitmob Game Club
By J. Cosmo Cohen and Lance Darnell
Cosmo, Lance, and W. Bryan Jacobs are organizing a game club for Bitmob! This is a community-initiated project, and I hope it takes off. It’s a lot of fun to play through a game with other people at the same time; no matter what the game is, chances are the experiences are different. Click here if you’re interested in taking part in the project.