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Batman: Arkham Asylum is a boon for gamers. Not only did its appearance put an end to the traditional summer drought, it also gave gamers something that they’d been craving for decades — a Batman game that can hang with the best takes on The Dark Knight in comics and film.

Today’s Bitmob Spotlight focuses on the Bitmob community’s views of the game. Our community reviewers overwhelmingly enjoyed the game — of the reviews that I’ve included, only one had significant issues with Batman: Arkham Asylum. And I’m glad that someone’s pointing out what they feel is wrong with the game. I’m always happy to see a contrary opinion when a game gets near-universal acclaim.

The Dawn Is Coming
By Nicholas Mechetti

Like many other gamers, Nicholas really digs Arkham Asylum’s mix of stealth combat and dark Batman atmosphere. He even thinks that the game has a Metroidvania-style feel to it. He doesn’t care for its short length and change in feel after the Killer Croc section.

Since he played the game on the PS3, he got to go through the Challenge Maps as the Joker, and an experience that he says doesn’t feel watered down despite the Joker lacking Batman’s strength and skill.



I’m the %^#$@**#! Batman
By Reggie Carolipio

Arkham Asylum nails two things Reggie feels were missing from previous Batman games: making you feel like you’re a detective and strong storyline. He’s a fan of the “Freeflow” combat system, noting that while it’s easy to take one a few of Joker’s stooges, things can get really hairy when you’re facing up to a dozen thugs at once.

The Dark Knight’s Long Night
By Benjamin Torrey

Benjamin tried to avoid all coverage of Arkham Asylum, but it was getting so much hype on message boards that he found it difficult to not learn about tidbits such as the use of Batman: The Animated Series voice actors. He came away with two conclusions: Gamers finally have the definitive Batman game, and it’s possible to make “an amazing video game” on a licensed property. I hope this doesn’t mean that he thinks games such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic aren’t amazing.

BAA_Joker_Crazy_glassesExploring Two Side of Crazy, One Riddle at a Time
By Thilina Bandara

Thilina doesn’t understand one aspect of Halloween: Instead of picking different costumes each year, Thilina stuck with a favorite — Batman. Year after year. Of course, someone with this dedication to the Dark Knight would be eager to play the latest game starring The Caped Crusader. Thilina says the game’s greatest strength is the narrative’s rich context — you don’t even need to be steeped in the Batman tradition in order to follow the story’s progression.

OMG WTF: Batman: AA?
By Jeffrey Sandlin

Our look at Bitmob Batman: Arkham Asylum reviews ends with a rant from Jeffrey. He liked the game at first, but it fell apart for him in the latter stages of the game. He says that the designers ruined the good things that they did earlier in the game in what he calls a “desperate attempt to inject variety and challenge that I can only assume was mandated by someone who didn’t realize how good the game would have turned out without it.”