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“Don’t point that gun at him, He’s an unpaid intern.”

– Steve Zissou






Hey Guys!

Over the weekend I went to the USC Career Fair to talk with recruiters from SCEA and Blizzard Entertainment. I would like to share with all of Bitmob the helpful tips I received!

Unfortunately I didn’t bring a tape recorder nor did ask for permission to write this blog. I am not going to tell you which recruiters said what but I will write down my questions and  the best answers that I received.

Applying for a QA or Design internship position, what are the best ways to make your resume and application stand out form the crowd?

A: Some sort of portfolio should be submitted with your resume and that is the best way to get attention. I was told that Modding is a big plus. Use a robust type of game engine or campaign editor to make a mod project that embodies your game idea.

What is the best format for a portfolio? (link, email attachment, pdf, hard copy, etc…

Usually recruiters are very busy going through tons and tons of applications so the best thing to do is make your portfolio easily accessible. For example, make a video your work, narrate over it, and then post it somewhere on the internet.

How badly are my chances of getting hired hurt by not currently being a local applicant?

The general consensus was that your chances of getting hired are equal regardless of local residency.

Alright that’s about it for now. However, I plan to attend a few more job fairs in the near future. If you guys have any questions I will get you some answers!

To answer your question Lance –

There are other internship positions that don’t necessarily involve graphic design or programming. For example; Marketing, Online Community Manager, and PR internships probably wouldn’t require you to have art or coding skills.