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As I stated in my trip to TGS 09 I would write a small review about Left 4 Dead 2.


There are a total of 5 new campaigns, but only 3 of them have been released to the public . The 3 are: Parish, Swamp Fever, and Dark Carnival. I got to play Dark Carnival. It was real fun going down slides, running through carousels and slashing through zombies.

I say “slashing,” because the best thing about the sequel has got to be the melee weapons. I got to use a bat, guitar, and my personal favorite, the axe. When you pick up a melee weapon it is stored so you can switch between your melee weapon and your primary, which is a great way to conserve ammo. The feel of melee is solid and satisfying. The hit point identification is terrific, if you swing for a limb that limb is coming off. I ran around most of the level using the axe splitting faces.

There are 3 new infected:

The Spitter: Spits acid and melts away your health.

The Charger: Targets a member of the team and tries to ram him (preferably off a building or cliff).

The Jockey: Jumps on a member of the survivalists. That member loses most of his mobility. The jockey will take him off a cliff, or into a swarm of infected.


What I found most interesting about the demo was the “Uncommon common infected.” For example, while I was playing the Dark Carnival I ran into a clown zombie. The squeaking of his shoes will attract other zombies and he’s tougher to stop then normal infected. I thought it was hilarious the first time I saw the clown. Apparently every campaign will have their own uncommon common infected, it’s a good way to mix it up.


The only real downside of the demo was I wasn’t able to wear headphones. I had no sound whatsoever, and that’s too bad because I love the sound the first game. The friendly banter between comrades is hilarious, “God dammit Francis!” I couldn’t hear the hordes of zombies, or the creepy ambiance of the carnival.  I wish I had a powerful PC or 360 to play this game, and honestly if you’re a fan of the undead it’s worth the money even if this recession has turned you into a …. zombie ;)