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I just got through watching the movie “Surrogates,” featuring my main man Bruce Willis, and I couldn’t help but notice some video game parallels. Without spoiling too much of the movie.

The premise is of the movie is humans can now  operate their everyday lives through a computerized machine (Surrogate). The operator (human) can have the surrogate look, and sound any way they wish. So of course there’s just a bunch of perfectly looking gorgeous people walking around the streets at all times.




Of course one of the first things that came to my mind was MMOs, and Sony’s “Life With Playstation.”

Any user of PSN can create their alternate reality any which way they wish; just like in the movie.




Of course the giant dilemma of the movie is rather life should be carried through an alternative reality in which their looks are perfect and life is safer. Or is it better to be living life as a human being with everyday fears and anxieties?

I couldn’t help but question my own video game playing, and how I spend my time. Should I be playing this game, AGAIN?! Or should I be outside enjoying the sweet nectar of life.

What does BitMob think? Does this movie question the video game lifestyle?

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering… I give the movie a 7/10