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So here we are, Borderlands is out on Xbox 360 and PS3 with the PC version soon to follow. Most of you have probably have already picked up a copy for your favourite console. I understand there are people who have one or the other console, but what if you have both? What if you have both consoles and a gaming PC, what then? How do you pick which system the multi-platform game such as Borderlands will be lucky enough to earn your game time? Do you choose graphics over controls? How about friends over everything else?

 People who know me know I really try to push PC games. I love booting up Crysis and spending hours changing graphical settings trying to reach the optimal combination of performance and visual fidelity. So do I get Borderlands because the graphics will triumph over the other gaming systems? If I were to simply pick based on controls the PC would win hands down with the mouse and keyboard controls. What about playing with friends, that is a HUGE part of the hype for Borderlands. I have almost no friends who play hardcore PC titles. It boils down to what do I want to do, play with friends or have the best visuals and control? This is what I call a multi-platform headache. Guess you can't always have the best of both worlds.

 And so continues the battle between console gamers and PC gamers…