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I honestly couldn’t tell you how old I was, but I know it had to be pretty young due to the fact I could hardly solve any puzzles.

My family had purchased our first computer, and some lady my mom worked with gave us the game because it was so ‘neat.’ I really enjoyed the challenging all aspects of the game, such as figuring out the 7th guest, the puzzles, navigating with a mouse, MS-DOS. 

The acting in this game was also especially scary. Of course at time I had no idea. Here’s a small clip of the game. (There’s a good moment at about 1:50) I vaguely remember the clown making me dribble in my pants.



Pretty scary right?

I don’t think the game was really meant to scare anyone, such as a Resident Evil or Silent Hill. But I do remember the game being a little spooky, especially the dungeon maze.  Actually, the dungeon maze didn’t just spook me, it stumped me. I never beat the game…

The 7th Guest was my first scary game. What about you BitMob?