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I admitted something approaching blasphemy in video game circles during our recent role-playing game-themed Mobcast — I’m not a fan of Chrono Trigger, which is considered by many gamers as one of the best role-playing games ever made.

Don’t hate me for it.

Frankly, Chrono Trigger bored me. The story never grabbed me. I detested the combat and hated the time travel (I generally think too many writers turn to time travel as an easy way to add “excitement” to their stories).

Our guests chastised me for not liking it, practically browbeating me into agreeing to give it a second chance. I rarely play games that I don’t care for a second time, and I sincerely hope that I enjoy it more the second time around.


I’d like for the Bitmob community to play along with me. I’m going to start the game Monday, Nov. 16. I’m going to play the DS version, as I have no desire to find a working Super NES. Each week, I’m going to post my thoughts on each section (here’s a breakdown of the game), and I invite you to play along with me and leave your thoughts on the game (or comment on mine).

Maybe I’ll pull a Mikey this time around.