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Infinity Ward

With the game’s big release occurring tomorrow at midnight, the new Call of Duty game has drummed up enough press (both bad and good) that one could write a novel on the public relations dance move that Infinity Ward is performing.




Through a few interviews, announcements and trailers Infinity Ward has annoyed and enraged enough groups that they won’t be winning popularity contests anytime soon. Homosexuals, Australian Politicians, PC Gamers, and me: I’m sure there are more people but honestly it’s the last person that I care about more than anyone else.

What annoys me is the fact that they have drummed up enough outrage among the gaming community that it’s all I hear about. Every gaming and technology website has a plethora of articles on “what PC gamers are losing” or “Infinity Ward has taken it too far with its new trailer”.  

Honestly, I’m tired of it. And I’m banking that I’m not alone in this. My question is: Why?

Alex Cronk-Young wrote up a great article previously about our sensitivities towards ad campaigns. While I agree with him I wonder where we lie with the companies who continuously push the envelope for what seems to be no other reason than to push the limits in the first place?


Rockstar Logo

Rockstar – A classy company that makes not so classy games. 

Take a look at Rockstar: A company that has come under fire on more than one occasion for the content put in their games. Do they showcase these things off? No, they make very classy, well put-together ad campaigns that make you want to play the game because it looks good not because it’s a hot topic of conversation.

It would be one thing if Infinity Ward were a new company pushing a new IP.  There really is no better way to get people to notice you than making something edgy and then showcasing the capabilities of your game once you have everyone’s attention. But they are an established company who has already had a major hit with this series. There’s no reason for them to be “edgy” and it really just makes them look smarmy and as if they can get away with doing whatever they want.

While warning the PC gamers beforehand what will and won’t be in their version was probably wise, showcasing the other racy things (even if they were “leaked”) within all of the trailers and announcements was an un-necessary move and something that has left a bad taste in my mouth with the company.